Coronavirus update, April 2, 2021: as Covid recedes in the Czech Republic, officials urge caution over Easter

The gradual return to school could be impeded by a deteriorating epidemiological situation.


Written by ČTK Published on 02.04.2021 09:27:00 (updated on 02.04.2021) Reading time: 2 minutes

As the Czech Republic heads into the Easter holiday the number of newly infected coronavirus patients continues to fall. The Czech government is urging caution through the long holiday weekend with the gradual reopening of schools on April 12 hinging on the epidemiological situation.

Covid infection continues to decline in Czech Republic

The number of Covid hospitalized on Thursday was the lowest since February in the Czech Republic, at 7,052, which 1,100 fewer than a week ago, according to the data of the Czech Health Ministry released this morning.

A total of 1,563 patients were in a serious condition, which was also the lowest number of serious patients since the end of February.

By contrast, there was a record-high number of Covid vaccinated. The vaccine was administered to 52,551 people, the highest number in a single day since the start of vaccination last year.

In total over 1.76 million doses have been administered, while the two necessary doses were already given to about 544,000 Czechs.

The numbers of newly infected continue to fall. On Thursday, there were 6,207 cases, 1,716 fewer than a week ago.

Lower house nods to nursing benefit increase amid schools closure

Parents who stay at home with their children amid the continuing closure of schools due to Covid-19 will probably see their nursing benefits further increase by 10 percent to 80 percent of their wage based on a bill passed in the Czech Chamber of Deputies Thursday evening. The benefit will increase retroactively as of March, according to the bill, which is yet to be discussed by the Senate. At present, the benefit corresponds to 70 percent of the parent's wage. The new bill raises it to 80 percent, the same level it reached during the first wave of the epidemic from late April to the end of June 2020.

Amid the improving epidemiological situation, a gradual reopening of schools is planned as of Monday, April 12.

Ministers urge Czechs to observe lockdown during Easter

Health Minister Jan Blatny and Education Minister Robert Plaga are calling on Czechs to observe Covid restrictions during Easter to make the lockdown relaxation possible as soon as possible afterward. On Wednesday, Blatny warned that if people give up the lockdown observance, the epidemiological situation, which has improved of late, may quickly worsen again and cause schools to be closed again after one week in operation.

Other politicians, too, have drawn parallels between the upcoming Easter and the last Christmas holidays, after which the epidemic sharply deteriorated in the Czech Republic. At a Thursday press conference, Blatny called on people not to forget to observe all measures. "The problem does not rest in whether we go somewhere, but we have to go there with a respirator on wherever a respirator is needed, and with a face mask on, if necessary," he said.

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