Confirmation of an Apple Store opening in Prague may be premature

A job listing for an "Apple Shop Leader" may not refer to what you think it does

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 26.08.2020 15:44:13 (updated on 26.08.2020) Reading time: 2 minutes

Reports in local media today about an Apple Store opening in Prague may have been a little quick on the trigger.

Last evening, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš cryptically tweeted that “Apple is looking for employees for the Prague Store,” linking to an August 21 job vacancy posted on the official Apple website.

Babiš is hoping to make good on a old promise: it’s been eighteen bitter months since the Prime Minister promised an Apple Store would be coming to Prague after he met with Apple CEO Tim Cook in January of 2019.

There have been precious few updates about an official Apple Store in the Czech capital since then, with local residents instead forced to buy their Apple products through authorized resellers. The horror.

Now that everything’s been confirmed, however, Praguers can look forward to spending their koruna at that real-deal Apple Store, location unknown.

But waitasec: that job posting specifies a position for an “Apple Shop” Leader, rather than a leader for what Apple calls their stores, namely “Apple Stores.”

So, what’s an “Apple Shop”?

Well, that’s the name for the Apple-authorized and implemented physical locations inside of third-party retailers around the globe.

Locally, you can find an official Apple Shop inside the Alza showroom in Holešovice, with all the products laid across those big wooden tables just like a real Apple Store. Squint a little and you wouldn’t even know you weren’t inside the real thing.

Presumably, this is what the Apple job posting refers to. Positions for Apple Shop Leader are also open in other European countries without an official Apple Store.

Still, an official Apple Store opening in the Prague is inevitable, and likely already on its way. Especially if the Czech Prime Minister has anything to say about it; he usually getshis way.

But there might be even bigger news in store for Apple’s presence in Prague in the immediate future.

Last year, Forbes reported that Apple had leased 5,000 square meters of space in the new Flow building on Wenceslas Square, which was still under construction at the time.

This won’t be the site of a new Apple Store in Prague: Irish discount chain Primark has an exclusive agreement to be the only retailer on the ground floor in the new building. But 5,000 square meters in an expensive new building is nothing to sneeze at.

At the time, Forbes speculated that Apple might be intending to move their regional corporate headquarters from a not-ideal location in Budapest to the heart of Prague. And with construction on the Flow building now finished and Primark slated to open at the location in the coming months, that’s something that could happen sometime soon.

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