Expats.cz Code of Conduct

Expats.cz Code of Conduct rules

Expats.cz Staff Jason Pirodsky

Written by Expats.cz StaffJason Pirodsky Published on 12.10.2008 23:17:34 (updated on 12.10.2008) Reading time: 2 minutes

In order that we keep our pages friendly and fair, we require that you comply with the following code of conduct.

Membership to the site remains at the discretion of the administration at all times.

1. Do not maliciously flame
Any post that has within it the purpose of personally insulting or insights defamation of another person, idea or business with malicious intent shall be removed and user accounts removed at expats.cz discretion. No exceptions.

2. No personal information
Users that publish personal information about other people, or publish the contents of Private messages in a public forum, will be instantly banned. No exceptions.

3. No Out of Context posts
Any post that is out of context when it is not in accordance with the topic of the thread shall be removed. Continued posting after notification from expats.cz shall result in account removal.

4. No foul Language
This includes any word that is considered degrading to the person or thing it is describing, in posts, signatures or calendar events.

5. Racist, Religious or Sexual Offense is strictly prohibited.
Any degrading remark concerning any a person’s race, religion, nationality, gender or sexual preference is strictly prohibited and users shall be instantly banned. No exceptions.

6. No Pornographic content
Any pornographic content, or reference to a site with pornographic content is prohibited.

7. Do not impersonate another user
New users with user names deliberately close to existing users or businesses will be immediately removed. No exceptions.

8. Spam
Any number of posts that do not violate any of the above rules, but that do not have any content whatsoever is considered spam and will be deleted. It is also spam when the same post is posted a number of times. Such accounts shall be banned. No exceptions.

9. Content Duplication

If there is more than one active thread on the same topic, all but one will be removed. Do not post the same topic in multiple categories, or more than once per month.

10. Thread Titles
All thread-titles should describe the intended discussion in the thread as well as possible. Any thread with a title not describing the topic of the thread will be deleted or merged into one thread.

11. Irrelevancy
Any discussion in a thread between two posters that is of no interest to the community is to be conducted by other means of communication than the Public Forums.

12. No commercial advertising
Expats.cz is supported and operated by advertising revenue. Commercial entities may not advertise their products by posting to the forum or by any other means. If you wish advertise your products or services, please contact our team who will provide different solutions for you. Find advertising information here.

 13. Banned accounts/I.P 
Users that have been banned who are found within the system under different guises will be immediately removed. Accounts that share the same IP of past banned users shall also not be allowed to register. 

We remind members that they are using a privately owned and run web site.

14. The decision of the Administration is final.

If you have a problem or questions, please contact us


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