Charles University to organize processional through Prague to honor shooting victims

The university will conduct a commemorative procession, 'Transmission of Light,' on Jan. 4; officials also addressed steps to heighten security.


Written by ČTK Published on 03.01.2024 10:29:00 (updated on 04.01.2024) Reading time: 3 minutes

In the wake of December's tragic shooting at Charles University's Faculty of Arts, the faculty's student council has announced an upcoming memorial symbolically connecting the rector's office to the Faculty of Arts building on Jan Palach Square.

In addition to the procession, university officials addressed this week security concerns post-crisis, as well as plans to resume academic activities.

Processional to take place two weeks after shooting

This Thursday marks two weeks since the shooting at the Faculty of Arts. The faculty's student council will host a memorial event, starting at 1 p.m. in front of the Karolinum building on Ovocný Trh.

"We want to highlight the heroism of all those helped during the event and continue to help, who committed their lives, resources, mental and emotional capacities to provide help to those who would otherwise not have been able to get it"

Charles University Faculty of Arts Student Council

It will then move through the U Černá Matka Boží house to Celetná Street on Staroměstské náměstí, reaching Kaprova Street (the location of the faculty building). At the corner of Kaprova and Valentinská streets, the front of the procession will split into two parts and form a human chain, expressing unity and honoring the victims.

Arrangements are also underway for a collection of candles at both memorial sites. "We want to handle it with great sensitivity," Králíčková stated. However, the university has not yet confirmed whether the candles will definitely be collected on Jan. 4.

Coordination efforts are challenging due to the large number of students expressing interest in participating in the commemorations.

Plans for enchanced security, resuming classes

Charles University (UK) is also in the process of formulating a comprehensive document for the deans of individual faculties, outlining potential security measures to be implemented in the wake of the tragic December shooting, UK rector Milena Králíčková said in a statement following a crisis staff meeting.

The upcoming document will provide deans with a detailed list of specific security measures tailored to individual faculties and their respective buildings.

In addition to addressing security concerns, the crisis staff meeting also focused on coordinating activities for the Month for the Faculty event. The aim is to resume academic activities in the UK's Faculty of Arts building on Jan Palach Square in Prague center, where a student shot and killed 14 people just before Christmas.

Králíčková disclosed that discussions during the crisis staff meeting extended to planning for the summer semester at the Faculty of Arts.

"Classes will be conducted in alternative premises of other faculties or institutions that have offered teaching spaces. Additionally, online options will be available. We have successfully tested online exams and credit assessments, so those options will be in place as well," she said.

Guarantors for each degree program will communicate details regarding the learning format to students, and the summer semester is expected to commence as scheduled.

The crisis staff explored various security measures that deans could implement at individual faculties. One potential measure is card access, already in place in some buildings completed in the past year, according to Králíčková.

Following the shooting, financial aid poured in for the university, with the majority contributing to the Charles University Endowment Fund. A university representative reported: "Including the money still on the way, the sum is close to CZK 72 million."

A portion of the funds will support the families of the victims, and the university aims to provide assistance to the injured as well.

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