Brno finally gets a 'metro' with opening of country's longest tram tunnel

After three years, a new line with a 602-meter long tram tunnel in the center of Brno that can save passengers up to fifteen minutes is in trial operation. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 17.09.2022 09:51:00 (updated on 17.09.2022) Reading time: 2 minutes

The Czech capital of Prague has long touted one of the world's fastest and most reliable metro systems, but Brno, the country's second-largest city, has long had to look on in envy without a metro of its own.

This week, however, Brno finally opened a "metro" of its own: in the form of the Czech Republic's longest tram tunnel, and a new line through the center of the city that can save public transport passengers up to fifteen minutes on travel time.

Brno's new "metro" took nearly three years to build, and cost the city 1.4 billion crowns. Most of the new line, which totals 912 meters, runs through a 602-meter tram tunnel that represents the longest of its kind in the Czech Republic.

The new line runs from Brno's Main Train Station to University Campus, which includes the city's Bohunice Hospital and Masaryk University medical school. It also includes an underground station half-way through the journey.

The line is now running in a trial operation over the next three months through mid-December. A final timetable that allows for more frequent travel and a greater number of passengers will begin operation from December 11.

"At the moment, we are moving into trial operation, which is the final part of the entire project," Miloš Havránek, general director of the Transport Company of the City of Brno, told local media.

"In less than three months, we must verify whether the track meets all operational, technical and safety conditions, and test all possible scenarios that may occur."

The new line through the underground tunnel will be added to Brno's no. 8 tram line, which run through Staré Lískovec.

It will serve an estimated 40,000 people who travel to University Campus by public transport every day, mostly students and hospital employees. These passengers will save at least five minutes and up to fifteen minutes per journey, as the new direct route does not require a transfer.

"The [new tram line] will be a huge benefit for the 40,000 people who commute to this part of Bohunice every day, whether they are students, employees of Masaryk University or Brno University Hospital," says Brno Mayor Markéta Vaňková.

It's been 14 years since the Moravian capital unveiled something like this within its public transport system, with the last major change occurring in 2008 when the line to Červinkova stop was extended to Technology Park.

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