Beer bikes won't return to Prague just yet: operators to present a new concept to City Hall

Beer bikes will remain off the road until the operators come to an agreement with city officials on a new concept

Samantha Tatro

Written by Samantha Tatro Published on 17.08.2020 10:01:59 (updated on 17.08.2020) Reading time: 1 minute

Last week, the ban on beer bikes in the center of Prague was overturned by the Municipal Court and a temporary 60-day ban expired. But the popular tourist attraction won’t return to the Prague streets right away, and instead, the operators are instead planning a brand-new concept to introduce to city management, according to a published report.

The operators of beer bikes, part of the Association of Group Bike Operators (APSK), plan to negotiate with city management and work with them to create a concept that works best for both parties.

“The operators have publicly declared their determination to negotiate with the city management and individual city districts and to actively participate in resolving this unfortunate situation,” Jaroslav Stuchlík from APSK told iDnes.

The new concept may include fewer beer bikes across Prague 1 as well, and operators may expel unruly customers or limit the amount of beer they can consume. In addition, operators may include new features like sound level meters or cameras to keep the riders in check.

In response to feedback, creators hope to have fixed entry and exit points and increase the low speed limits which people have criticized in the past.

Until city officials and APSK officials come to an agreement on a new concept for beer bikes, the beer bikes will remain off the road.

The beer bikes have been a controversial subject for many years now. People who live in the capital’s center have complained about the beer bikes clogging Prague 1. Councilor Richard Bureš (ODS) told ČTK that, in response to the court’s decision, town hall officials have prepared their own proposal for the beer bikes.

Beer bikes have been a problem in other European capitals like Amsterdam; Amsterdam banned them several years ago. In the past, officials in Prague have banned Segway vehicles and restricted so-called electric scooters.

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