Baby Colobus Monkey Born at Prague Zoo

The Prague Zoo’s newest resident resembles a baby lamb, but will grow into a sleek black & white primate

Dave Park

Written by Dave Park Published on 19.08.2016 09:38:26 (updated on 19.08.2016) Reading time: 1 minute

It resembles a baby lamb, but the Prague Zoo’s newest resident will grow into a sleek black & white colobus monkey.

While colobus infants are born completely white, the tree-bound primates soon develop a mostly-black coat characterized by a streak of long white hair, giving them a slightly skunk-like appearance.

The young calf was born over the weekend to 13-year-old mother Lucie, who thoroughly cleaned & fed the baby shortly after birth.

Colobus monkeys are a communal species, Prague Zoo writes on their website, and within a few hours the newborn was shared with other members of the family, including its older siblings. 

Zoo visitors can already observer the new family in action at the spacious tree-filled enclosure nicknamed Water World and Monkey Islands.

The young primate is the latest in a series of celebrated births at Prague Zoo, following a newborn elephant, hippo, gorilla, and giraffe earlier this year.

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