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The first Czech private school of architecture, Architectural Institute in Prague (ARCHIP), opens its doors in Veletržní palác.  It is currently accepting applications from prospective local and international students for its baccalaureate study programme in Architecture, with instruction in English. Tuition starts in autumn 2010; the applications can be filed online, at the school´s website and the application deadline is 21 June.  

The plan to start an international school of architecture in Prague, which originated in a group of people around the architects Martin Roubík (1949-2008) and Regina Loukotová in 2005, now becomes reality after the conferral of state consent and accreditation by the Ministry of Education. The school was conceived as truly international – with faculty members hailing from or having extensive experience from abroad, international student community and international best practice teaching methods. Approximately 60 students in one year will have a place to study in the school´s unique premises in Veletržní palác. Its programme and size makes the school a welcome addition to the portfolio of options for prospective students of architecture in the Czech Republic. ARCHIP is however the only such school to offer the baccalaureate programme in English.

The concept of teaching is based on putting architecture in the context of other disciplines; previously neglected fields such as landscape design, urbanism, public space development or monument conservation are also taught. ARCHIP intends to make the most of its home city, Prague, and broker a hands-on contact of students with the city´s past and present. The school will also promote the use of architectural models, teamwork, presentation skills, debate and polemics.

The faculty relies on leading Czech architects as well as on equally recognized figures in the field of history and theory or visual arts. International faculty members and Czechs with extensive international experience are well represented. ARCHIP´s ambition is to be a platform for architecture and contact with the professional community and the public at large, and with other local and international institutions in the field.

For more information about the study programme and the admissions procedure please visit

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