All Czech residents will be able to register for COVID-19 vaccination by February

According to Andrej Babiš, vaccine registration will open to those over 80 from January 15 and to all residents from February 1


Written by ČTK Published on 03.01.2021 12:24:00 (updated on 03.01.2021) Reading time: 1 minute

Czech residents over 80 will be able register for COVID-19 vaccination as of January 15 and all other inhabitants of the Czech Republic as of February 1, PM Andrej Babiš said on CNN Prima News today.

The actual date people will receive to be vaccinated will be based on several criteria, Babiš added. The main criteria will be age and health condition, he said.

"This will be programmed into the system and everyone who makes a reservation must naturally submit their data," Babiš said.

A healthy 66-year-old person will get a later date than, for example, a 55-year-old with hypertension, obesity, or a serious pulmonary disease, Babiš explained.

People will be able to register for the vaccination online, by phone, or via their general practitioners.

Young and healthy people will be registered in the database and later receive a date and time for vaccination via text message.

Health Minister Jan Blatný will reveal full details at a press conference on Tuesday.

About 13,000 people with diabetes, 93,000 with obesity, 218,000 with a severe pulmonary disease, and 24,000 with a serious renal disorder in Czechia will be vaccinated preferentially, Babiš noted.

Another factor for the vaccination date will be employment in the integrated rescue system, critical infrastructure, health care, and social services.

The Czech Republic received its first 9,750 anti-COVID vaccine doses on Saturday, December 26, and they were divided among hospitals in Prague and Brno.

The vaccination process was launched on Sunday, December 27, with Babiš being among the first Czechs to be vaccinated. An additional 19,500 vaccine doses arrived in the country on December 30.

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