What’s it like to work for the world’s biggest beer company?

AB InBev produces some of the world’s most famous beers, and its Czech operations are getting a major boost.

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Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 14.11.2022 17:00:00 (updated on 02.02.2024) Reading time: 5 minutes

If you like beer, chances are you’ve drunk a beer from AB InBev. That’s because the company is the world’s biggest beer brewer, making three of the planet’s most famous brands as well as a constellation of other drinks.

Now, AB InBev is looking to expand its Prague base, offering long-term career opportunities for locals and expats alike. The company is a unique place to work, offering its truly international workforce an informal environment in which they can flourish, and even making beer part of the employee package.

The roots of AB InBev stretch all the way back to the brewing of beer in Belgium in the 14th century. In the past two hundred years, the company has evolved, with the rich tradition of its original Stella Artois brand joined by Budweiser, the world-famous American lager, and Corona, the popular Mexican lager, which is now AB InBev’s fastest-growing global beer brand in Europe.

These household names are complemented by a wide range of local beers including Becks, Jupiler and Hertog Jan, as well as craft beers and beverages outside of beer such as seltzers and spirits.

With such an extensive product range, it’s no surprise that AB InBev is a major employer. Around 1,000 people already work at the company’s Prague center, and more are being added.

So, what makes AB InBev a unique place to work for expats living in the Czech Republic who fancy working for the world’s biggest brewer?

Cheers to a more equal workforce

AB InBev is a global company committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace. People from all backgrounds are invited to join a company which sees its diversity as its strength.

“We’re toasting a better future,” says Thomas Debaene from AB InBev. “A future that supports our people, communities, and the planet. We’re continuing to build a team that is more inclusive, and more collaborative.”

“Driving greater diversity and inclusion is a global priority for us, and it takes commitment, hard work, and time. To this end, we’ve just launched a film in which colleagues from across Europe share their aspirations and commitment to building a more inclusive future and celebrate the progress we’re already making. On a local level, we also established four different ERG Diversity groups giving employees the chance to be involved and drive our D&I agenda.”

Here’s to the chance to make a difference

AB InBev’s culture is all about informality. Employees are free to wear what they like to work, and a collaborative, friendly atmosphere is a given. This extends to interactions with the senior management too.

This free environment and focus on teamwork makes AB InBev a place where employees can grow and progress within the company. AB InBev offers a range of opportunities for all experience levels, from fresh graduates to seasoned specialists across a range of departments. Whatever your age or expertise, if you’re interested in working with a global beer leader, you’ll find a position at AB InBev that’s right for you.

Most of the positions currently open at AB InBev are entry-level jobs which could potentially be the start of a successful career. From Logistics and Finance to HR, Customer Experience and more, the company is looking for people without extensive work experience to come and make their mark.

“People can start an entirely new career journey with us,” said Thomas. “We’re keen to hire people straight out of university as well as expats from abroad. We’re also open to people keen on a career change, as we believe functional knowledge can be learned on the job. We have someone who was previously a baker, and lots of people who worked in sales or in shops. It’s all about having a knack for problem-solving; it doesn’t matter if you’ve never seen a brewery or been inside a warehouse operation.”

In each department, some of the main skills the brand is looking for are language abilities (especially French, Dutch, and German) and an ability to understand data. These can potentially put expat workers on the path to fast career growth.

Want to stand out? Join the club

“The multicultural nature of our office is one of the things I enjoy most about working here,” said Thomas. “Incredible as it sounds, we have a total of 82 different nationalities working for us. That means you get to meet people from all walks of life, which is a very special opportunity.”

To boost the interaction between the employees, plenty of events are put on by the company. There are open bars every Monday and Wednesday, where employees have a chance to meet up and enjoy the company’s products in a responsible way.

“Responsible here is the keyword” Thomas said. “Our business is beer, and we want to make sure that every experience with beer is a positive one! This is the core of everything we do, and it’s why we’re so firmly committed to fostering a culture of smart drinking and supporting everyone to make responsible choices. Smart drinking isn’t a compromise; it’s a behavior that allows consumers and employees to enjoy alcoholic drinks to the fullest.”

“We take our role in shifting social norms and behaviors around harmful uses of alcohol very seriously, and that’s why we set ourselves four key Smart Drinking goals,” he added.

Of course, nobody at AB InBev has to drink beer, but a genuine interest in the products is a must, and for those who do enjoy a tipple, the company makes its beer part of the package. “If you work at AB InBev, you’ll be entitled to beer as part of your employment contract,” explains Thomas. “This is a perk you won’t often find elsewhere. Each employee can take home a case of beer (including non-alcoholic) for free each month, choosing from the company’s selection of famous brands.” 

In many ways AB InBev is a company uniquely suited to expat workers. It provides the chance to meet fellow expats from all over the world, while potentially setting new employees on the path to long-term career success. And it doesn’t hurt that at the center of it all are beer brands known and loved by Czechs and expats alike.

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