A tourism boom: Stays in Czechia finally surpass 2019 levels

Almost 10 million non-Czechs came to the country in the whole of 2023, with Germans, Slovaks, and Poles being the most frequent visitors.

Thomas Smith

Written by Thomas Smith Published on 08.02.2024 11:40:00 (updated on 08.02.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

Tourist stays in Czechia have finally surpassed pre-Covid-2019 levels, according to a press release published by the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) this morning. In all of 2023, over 22 million guests stayed in monitored accommodation facilities nationwide – an increase of almost 14 percent year on year.

Of all guests who stayed in Czech regions last year, 9.5 million were non-residents (foreigners), and 12.5 million were from Czechia. Although overall tourist visits overtook 2019 levels, the numbers of foreign tourists still lag behind slightly – though are rapidly catching up.

With tourism now fully rejuvenated in Europe after the global pandemic, the CZSO reports that, in the final quarter of last year, the number of non-Czech residents staying in the country’s accommodation facilities shot up by about 16 percent year on year. Conversely, 2 percent fewer Czechs stayed in accommodation for tourism purposes.

Where did most tourists visit Czechia in 2023?

  • 1.Prague – 7.4 million
  • 2.South Moravia – 2.1 million
  • 3.South Bohemia – 1.6 million
  • 4.Hradec Králové – 1.5 million
  • 5.Karlovy Vary – 1.3 million

    (Numbers denote visits from both foreigners and Czechs)

Almost half of visits from neighboring countries

Between October and December 2023, the largest number of foreign guests came from Germany, comprising one-quarter of all tourist clientele. The second largest group of foreign guests came from Slovakia, and the third from the UK. Polish, American, and Italian tourists were the next-most frequent. Four in 10 tourists to Czechia were from bordering countries. 

In the whole of last year, tourists from Germany, Slovakia, and Poland were the most common visitors.

Hotels were by far the most frequent places of stay for tourists, with over 15 million staying in them during their visit to Czechia. Almost 4 million stayed in “other collective accommodation establishments”, and around 3 million in boarding houses.

Despite more tourists visiting Czechia, the CZSO notes that overnight stays – despite sizable growth – are still not yet at 2019 levels.

Where are most tourists to Czechia from?

  • 1.Germany - 2.3 million
  • 2.Slovakia - 867,000
  • 3.Poland - 759,000
  • 4.U.S. - 490,000
  • 5.UK - 453,000

    Data: Full-year 2023

At the end of last year, Prague City Tourism reported that the capital drew in approximately 5.45 million visitors over the first three quarters of the year, expecting about 7 million in full-year 2023. This equates to an increase of almost one-third compared with 2022.

Prague Airport also recently reported its strongest year by passenger numbers in 2023, and released a statement that it expects a rise in passenger numbers in 2024. It forecasts that it will process almost 15 million travelers in 2024 – an increase of 10 percent year on year. 

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