10 Creative Teambuilding Events

Practice a little office bonding with dragon boating, treasure hunting, and more

Lisette Allen

Written by Lisette Allen Published on 01.10.2013 14:05:21 (updated on 01.10.2013) Reading time: 3 minutes

Teambuilding events are not everyone’s idea of a good time. However, despite employees’ frequent lack of enthusiasm, the fact remains that many companies still view teambuilding events as a great way to improve communication, promote group cohesion and therefore increasing productivity. 

Instead of feigning illness when your firm’s next away day looms, why not get proactive instead? We’ve put together a list of ten teambuilding activities on offer in Prague and beyond, so that you’ll be able to suggest a group activity to your manager that you won’t find tedious or humiliating – and that doesn’t revolve solely around the consumption of alcohol. Who knows, you might uncover inner qualities you never knew you had – or even have fun!

10 Creative Teambuilding Events

Lost in translation? Try karaoke 
There’s nothing like a group singalong to promote camaraderie. K*Star Karaoke! is Prague’s only authentic Lost in Translation style karaoke bar with five individual booths available for hire by the hour. With a catalogue of songs in twelve different languages, Be Kara Ok! offers a quirky way for a multinational team to bond complete with sushi to munch on between tunes.

10 Creative Teambuilding Events

Make love from war: Paintballing
Will firing pellets filled with paint at your colleagues promote group harmony? Possibly not, but at least you’ll rid yourself of pent up resentment by settling a few scores. Check out Paintballgame.cz for more details of indoor and outdoor venues in the capital as well as further afield.


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Family house for rent, 170m2, 348m2 of land

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10 Creative Teambuilding Events

Cook up a storm: Chef Parade
Teambuilding nights out often revolve around food. Why not cut out the middle man and prepare a feast for each other instead? In addition to their main programme of cookery classes, Chef Parade organise culinary teambuilding events for big corporate names like Accenture, Danone and Siemens. Who said too many cooks spoil the broth?

10 Creative Teambuilding Events

Hunt for treasure
A teambuilding treasure hunt is an imaginative way of introducing Prague to recent arrivals and is physical without being so demanding only the office gym bunnies will stand a chance. It usually requires a bit of pre-planning but if you can’t be bothered with that, then Treasure Hunt Prague will take care of the organising.

10 Creative Teambuilding Events

Have some Formula One fun
If you’ve long been a closet Formula One wannabe, then a night at the go-kart track is a no-brainer. High adrenaline thrills guaranteed – just make sure you’ve got valid health insurance. Check out the circuit on Oslanska (in Prague 3) run by Kartareal: it’s indoors which means you can race in all weathers.

10 Creative Teambuilding Events

Boost morale with corporate volunteering
In recent years, the corporate world has begun to embrace teambuilding activities which make a difference to society as a whole. The Organisation for Aid to Refugees (Organizace pro pomoc uprlichum) is just one Czech charity which cooperates with companies who want to foster cohesiveness while supporting a good cause: see their website for more details.

10 Creative Teambuilding Events

Relive Fort Boyard: Tep Faktor
Tep Faktor will need no introduction for fans of cult TV game show Fort Boyard. Divide into teams then try to complete the taxing and wacky tasks which await you in each chamber of the fortress: those with an aversion to ball surfing, solving giant Tetris style puzzles or climbing rope nets need not apply.

10 Creative Teambuilding Events

Ride the river: Dragonboating
Dragonboating is defined by The Urban Dictionary as “one of the oldest and BEASTLIEST river sports in the world” but don’t let that deter you from making it your next teambuilding activity – so long as you’ve got bags of stamina. After all, there’s nothing like a bit of rowing to get everyone pulling in the same direction. Contact the Czech Dragon Boat Association for more details. 

10 Creative Teambuilding Events

Solve a murder mystery
Almost everyone has a co-worker they’d gladly strangle given half a chance. The Murder Mystery teambuilding event won’t allow you to act out this homicidal fantasy but at least you’ll be able to hone your detective skills. Very handy if you ever decide to change career. Pragueadventures.cz will take care of the hit for a fee.

10 Creative Teambuilding Events

Choose chocolate making
Newly opened Passion Chocolate is one of the few Prague-based chocolatiers. Owned by a Belgian/Hungarian couple, this cute, intimate boutique can accomodate private and corporate groups who want to participate in a chocolate-making session. Guests will use traditional Belgian methods to make one of the company’s signature chocolate tablets with a modern twist. Perfect for small teams who want a hands-on taste of heaven.


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