1 in 10 Czechs Wear Socks with Sandals on Vacation

A new study reveals some surprising—and not so surprising—stats about the Czech vacation wardrobe

Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas

Written by Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas Published on 28.08.2015 15:14:11 (updated on 28.08.2015) Reading time: 2 minutes

Fashion Report, a new long-term research initiative mapping trends in the Czech and Slovak fashion markets, launched this summer with a survey devoted to the Czech vacation wardrobe.

Conducted by on-line clothing retailer ZOOT and research agency Perfect Crowd, the results of the study confirm one of the most hackneyed stereotypes about Czech men there is—that every one in ten of ’em wears socks with their sandals on holiday.

From a press release announcing the Fashion Report’s findings: “According to expectations, when the heat hits, every tenth man did not hesitate to [put on] socks and sandals.”

But not all of the findings were as predictable. Using a representative sample of Czechs and Slovaks ages 15-55, not just those who “revel in fashion,” researchers also discovered these fun facts:

● That tired old cliché of the European male frolicking at sea in a Speedo may not hold water—at least not in the Czech Republic where 69 percent of the men interviewed say they pack board shorts as opposed to a banana hammock (22 percent).

1 in 10 Czechs Wear Socks with Sandals on Vacation

● 75 percent of Czech women found that shopping for swimwear affected their self-image negatively although 70 percent said that they tend to choose a bikini-style over a one-piece (17 percent) suit.

● The Czech holiday suitcase typically consists of: 7 pair of underwear, 2 pair of pants, 6 pair of socks, 2 pair of shoes, 5 t-shirts, 2 bathing suits, and 2 dresses (women). Among other things, half of the study participants admitted to bringing their own toilet paper on a holiday.

1 in 10 Czechs Wear Socks with Sandals on Vacation

● The study also found that Czech men packed lighter than Czech women, although one item more frequently found in the male suitcase was a map or guide, while women tended to pack a camera and contraception more than men did.

● Speaking of birth control, on holiday trips to city destinations, 36 percent of Czechs interviewed said that they pack it; on trips to the sea only 9 percent of respondents said that they bring birth control.

1 in 10 Czechs Wear Socks with Sandals on Vacation

● Czechs spend roughly 1,418 CZ on vacation clothes; the study also reports that in hot weather, men prefer loose clothing while woman opt for colorful and extravagant holidaywear.

● And like most of us preparing for a holiday, the one thing that 60 percent of Czechs wouldn’t leave home without? A book.

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