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A large branch of our family has its roots in Fuentecén, a tiny village close to the city of Burgos. Madrid is our home town, but Fuentecén always reminds us of the grape harvest and the summertime. It's that place that connects you to relatives and friends with whom to laugh and extend the hours. It's where the meaning of freedom and calm makes sense.

Vineyards, Wineries, and the Duero river define the landscape of this area, which is well-known as the Golden Mile of Spanish Wines. Its unique weather conditions make it the perfect place to produce a wide variety of excellent wines, catalogued under the denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero. This certification began to be appreciated in the early years of the 21st Century. It is now that is gaining notoriety and recognition at an international level. So that's the reason why we are here.

VinoDuerO arrives to take you to our dearest birth country.

It's simple, you just need to:

Drink. Taste. Enjoy.

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