Tomáš Zvoníček, Attorney at Law

Tomáš Zvoníček, Attorney at Law

Bělehradská 299/132, Praha 2, 12000

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As a dedicated sole attorney, I specialize in providing comprehensive legal services in immigration law, citizenship assistance, and civil law matters, specifically catering to the needs of foreigners. I am committed to helping individuals smoothly transition into their new legal environments, ensuring they are well-informed and supported throughout the process.

Navigating a foreign legal system can be challenging, but my bilingual expertise ensures clear communication, and my experience in the field equips me to handle your unique needs effectively. My approach is client-centered, prioritizing personalized, detailed attention to each case. Whether you're seeking to establish residency, obtain citizenship, resolving tenancy disputes, or address employment-related issues, I am here to provide you with trusted legal counsel and representation.

Contact me today for a consultation, and let me be your reliable guide and advocate through these essential aspects of your life and career in the Czech Republic.

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Legal Services with a Personal Approach. We can assist you in Czech, English, German and Italian mainly in the fields of real estate law, company law and contract law.