Smiling Baby Spa Clinic

Smiling Baby Spa Clinic

Čechova 587/29, Praha 7, 17000 Now closed - opens

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Smiling Baby Spa Clinic is a large-scale ambulatory facility that provides preventive and therapeutic rehabilitation and offers a wide range of health services to prevent and treat illnesses.
Smiling Baby Spa Clinic is unique because it provides professional spa care for newborns, infants, toddlers and elderly children as well as for women of all ages with a special focus on pregnancy and postpartum conditions.
The mission of Smiling Baby Spa Clinic is to provide above-standard spa care and a wide variety of proven therapeutic procedures -- physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, fangotherapy, postpartum reconstitution programs, caroterapeutics (gas injections), massages, spa and balneo procedures.
It is a scientific fact that hydrotherapy is an essential spa procedure and has proven to be extremely effective in child rehabilitation positively affecting both the physical and mental state of the child. Smiling Baby Spa Clinic is one of the few to offer hydrotherapy specifically for children from infancy. Hydrotherapy can not only be used as a part of treatment regime but also in the prevention of various diseases. Hydrotherapy alone and also in combinaton with other spa procedures positively affect psychomotor development in children during the first year of their life.

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Physiotherapy for kids

Reviewed by user 18.11.2022
A physiotherapy clinic my kids actually enjoy to visit. Staff is wonderful and the clinic is incredibly well kids-friendly designed.

Superb experience

Reviewed by user 22.06.2020
It was such a truly wonderfull experience for me. Interiours looks fantastic and you really feel special from the very first moment you walk in. Like a real spa at Letna! Stuff was extremly helpful and made sure my visit will be as pleasant as possiblle. They did such a great job! Worth of try. I am coming back 100%.

Physiotherapy at Smiling Baby Spa Clinic

Reviewed by Art Kochukov 17.06.2020
Couldn’t be happier I found this place! The interiors are modern looking, clean and well kept. The staff is very friendly and extremely professional. They really go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in. Not once did I feel out of place or awkward. The receptionist is beyond helpful, she went out of her way to meet my scheduling preferences. I also overheard her easily switching between different languages... read more


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