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Rumen Sazdov Original Art

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Rumen Sazdov lives and works since 1989 in Prague.
His art works are part of private collections in 29 states on 4 continents.
Owners of his paintings are for example the Bulgarian prince Kiril Tarnovski, the Spanish
marquise Gloria Ferera des Monsolis, countess Kristine d´ Barout, princess Stephanie of
Monaco, madame Chirac, Mr Schenker - guitarist of the band Scorpions, Hollywood star
Bruce Willis and many other Czech and International VIPs.

Every author's work by Rumen Sazdov, is an investment original with a guaranteed value based on the registration of his name in the world auction catalogue MAYER*, which has been the main ARTINDEX for art trading in the world for two centuries.
*all data from the MAYER catalogue (year 1995 + 1996) are listed on

…I started drawing at the age of five, I enjoyed making these so-called "My Things".
My kindergarten friend's grandmother, who was a pre-war artist, started teaching me the craft. Subsequently, at the Art Secondary school and the Academy, I made it a point to continue studying the most important basics of anatomical drawing: the eye, the hands, and the horse. To that, I added the knowledge of how to properly mix colours and build a composition. I started to enjoy the work of an artist and everything was very exciting.
I was able to draw, paint, sculpt, cut, glue and "compose" my experiences and dream images from any material I could get my hands on.
Later, in Paris, a very wise man in the field said to me, "This is Lyrical Cubism."
Beautiful words. But despite that, for me, they are still "My Things". yours Rumen Sazdov

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