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Real Estate Advocates

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If you want to buy or sell a flat, house or other real estate property in Prague or anywhere in the Czech Republic, we will be pleased to assist you so that everything is safe and smooth for you.

We deal with real estate transactions on daily basis and have lots of experience in this field.

Our delivery terms are very short (1-3 business days) and we guarantee fair prices and friendly attitude.

Specialized real estate services - detailed description

Purchase agreements for houses, apartments and land

• preparation or review of purchase agreements for the sale or purchase of real estate
• my contracts are unconditionally accepted by banks
• negotiating terms with the counterparty
• real estate legal due diligence
• personal assistance with signing contracts, signature authentication
• application for entry into the land register
• lawyer’s custody of purchase price

Legal service for real estate agencies

• brokerage agreements
• reservation agreements
• real estate purchase agreements
• lawyer’s custody of purchase price
• signature authentication by a lawyer
• preparation of application for entry into the land register

Mortgage agreements, easements, enforcement of a money judgment

• preparing, commenting on and negotiating the terms of contracts
• solution of complicated transfers (liens, enforcement of a money judgment, etc.)

Business consulting and trading companies

• starting a business, mandatory registration
• trading companies foundation
• business contracts, general terms and conditions
• liability of the company's statutory bodies
• Business Register

Property management, leases

• lease agreements for apartments, houses and commercial premises
• for both owners and tenants
• help with tenant check

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Nowadays, you can't hesitate too long in real estate deals.

Thanks to our narrow specialization, we work quickly and efficiently. We are able to deliver prepared or checked documents to clients within a few working days. We handle up to 90% of orders within 1-3 working days.

You will find the maximum delivery time for the preparation of documents for the purchase or sale of real estate in the individual service packages.

We also offer the possibility of express (i.e., faster than stated) preparation of documents for an individually agreed surcharge.

10 Reasons to Choose Us

1. Specialization and Expertise
We specialize exclusively in real estate law, and real estate transfers are our daily work. We know the greatest risks of these deals, and we will ensure a safe transfer process for clients based on quality contracts.

2. Experience with Development Agreements
Buying an apartment in a new building is often the riskiest. Furthermore, contracts tend to be complicated, and their modification requires experience. We've checked dozens of them.

3. Service Packages at Guaranteed Prices
We offer several packages of services, varying in scope and price. Each client can choose the option that suits him best. We never start working without the client having a clear idea of how much my services will cost him.

4. Speed and Availability
We deliver documents to clients within a few working days; we also offer the possibility of express service for an additional fee. We are available to our clients on the phone and by e-mail.

5. Purchase Agreements Without Errors
We stand by the factual correctness of our contracts. The contracts we draw up are accepted by the land registry offices and banks (in the case of mortgage financing).

6. Substitutability
We work closely with other colleagues - experienced specialists in real estate law. That means that a lawyer is available to our clients even in case of our unexpected illness or vacation.

7. Secure Custody of Money
Releasing money from our custody is always subject to the approval of 2 lawyers. Besides, of course, we comply with all other statutory requirements.

8. Professional Liability Insurance
We have above-standard insurance of our professional liability, in the amount of 18,000,000 CZK.

9. Cost Control
Each client is informed about the number of hours we have worked and the current price of legal services.

10. Signature Verification
Clients do not have to sign contracts at the office or notary. We provide official authentication of their signatures within some packages.

For more information, don´t hesitate to contact us!

What people say about us

"Ilona Černochová is simply the real estate advocate of dreams. She helped us with one major real estate transaction and did a 100% professional job complete with a full legal interpretation, which made the whole matter easy for us to understand. She is also kind, willing, and a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended."
Robert Vlach
business consultant, author of the bestsellers “The Freelance Way” and “Freelance”, operator of the portal Na volné noze

"Ilona Černochová and I dealt with several properties (purchase and lease). The contracts were always prepared quickly. The cooperation is such that I send the contract for inspection, and I can forget all about it because I know I’m going to get a perfect result. Ilona has extensive knowledge of real estate law, and in one complicated purchase, she protected us from forfeiting several hundred thousand crowns as a booking deposit. The owners received a higher offer after signing the reservation agreement, but they did not want to return the deposit and tried to make sure that we did not sign, which would result in forfeiture of the deposit. Thanks to Ilona, it didn't happen, and we finally have our property."
Dominika Špačková

"Ilona Černochová is the best thing that could have happened to me on the real estate market. I was selling a building plot with a mobile home and then buying a farmhouse with a large plot of land. All that without a real estate agency, only with support from Ilona. She took great care with the preparation, checking, and consultation of the contracts. She provided the lawyer's escrow and guided me through the whole bureaucratic process. The counterparty never had any comments on her proposals, which significantly accelerated the process. When I couldn't manage something, she was always there for me (both on the phone and by email). I also really appreciate that all the administration was done remotely, without the need for unnecessary face-to-face meetings. I'm almost sorry that I don't buy or sell real estate more often. I give Ilona the highest recommendation because working with a real professional is a real pleasure."
Luboš Moravec
copywriter and researcher for domestic tourism, landscape expert,

"I can highly recommend Dr. Černochová's services. I appreciate that she reacts quickly and is reliable. As a personal real estate agent, I experience every case with my clients from beginning to end, and I intimately know their feelings when they want to sell or buy the roof over their heads. There is joy, enthusiasm, but also fear and nervousness to make the deal go well. Time passes differently at a time like this. That's why I'm glad that she specializes in real estate transfers and, last but not least, that, unlike other advocates, who sometimes communicate only through assistants and react with delay, her communication style is direct."
Pavla Temrová
real estate agent, investor, author of Realitní kuchařka,

"Thank you so much for the excellent cooperation on hotel sales and rentals! After a long search, a partner who reacts quickly and can manage everything. Thank you, Ilona."
Jan Halíř
Managing director of HOTEL SOLUTIONS s.r.o.

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