Ewen Extier - Negotiator & Mediator in ENG/FR

Ewen Extier - Negotiator & Mediator in ENG/FR

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My aim is to help & unlock complex situations, negotiate with care and enhance the negotiation skills to calmly navigate in an uncertain environment.

I help & support individuals to achieve their best in personal negotiation and to solve smoothly difficult situations :
. Personal development in negotiation skills
. Family conflicts
. Parenting complex situation
. Relationship issues resolution
. Improvement of the listening skills and the art of questioning
. Boost confidence in uncertainty
. Support during job / career negotiation
. Help to prepare recruitment process

For Organizations / Professionals, I provide with trust, ethics and efficiency the full support to perform during high stake negotiation & sensitive situation resolution:
. Social & employee conflicts
. Full range of team training in negotiation
. Profiling & behavioral reading
. Onboarding and contract negotiation
. Trade agreement & long term negotiation
. Associate / Board conflicts
. To help HR and recruiter
. Complex profiles detection & resolution
. Cross cultural negotiation support...

My goal is to create safe environnement to enhance the relationships, trust and teamwork in negotiation and complex situation resolution.

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A trustworthy professional with true human values

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 26.02.2023
I was lucky enough to attend one of Ewen's workshops/trainings about negotiation and complex profiles. Not only he truly masters the subject, he's also extremely pleasant to work with. I strongly recommend his services.

Outstanding Expertise and Professionalism

Reviewed by Jocelyn Weber 20.02.2023
I have had the opportunity to work with Ewen on a personal and professional level. I was in the process of reselling shares in my company last year and was mired in business and personal conflicts with my business partner. Ewen showed me the steps to follow and how to implement proactive solutions for my situation. We also worked on personal development which I believe was the main key to my success. Today I have sold my shares to my former... read more

Managing Director - CLA Distribution s.r.o.

Reviewed by CLA Distribution s.r.o. 13.02.2023
I have used in the past the service of AGS moving when Ewen was General Manager. Complex moving with lots of his staff involved and a few difficulties. Ewen has shown a great professionalism by listening, understanding and resolving the issues in a very prompt, effective and very satisfying manner. I can only recommend working with him to help solving complicated situations involving different parties.

Great Professional - High Expertise & Experience

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 08.02.2023
I worked on two different topics with Ewen Extier. The very first one was about a business difficult & complex matter, with different players involved, and Ewen brought his expertise & experience to make the discussion between the different parties possible. It resulted in a much better communication flow, allowing to find the most appropriate solution possible in the context for all involved people. And then later on, I decided to contact... read more


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