Prague Film School

Prague Film School

Pstrossova 19, Praha 1, 11000

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Prague Film School offers fast-track studies in film making. Practical in focus, the school is geared towards instructing professional-level craft skills in its full-time programs in screenwriting, directing, editing and cinematography. Starting September 2008, the school will be adding full-time acting, documentary film and animation programs to its curriculum.

Prague Film School has been recognized as one of Europe’s leading film schools (Premiere Magazine, January 2006). Its accelerated and hands-on programs, its location in Prague, its international faculty, and its committed and global student body have contributed to this recognition.

The school’s defining characteristic is its intensity. Students studying in the year program work on close to 30 films. Prague Film School’s mandate with the Czech Ministry of Education is to provide professional-level, and the school is dedicated to developing not only informed auteurs, but crew and post production professionals. The school is housed in a modest four-story Unesco building in the center of Prague with its studios situated across the street. Accepting only a limited number of students, the school is decidedly and even stubbornly small. The intimacy of the school is one of its core features, affording students enviable access to the teachers and state of the art facilities.

Students studying at Prague Film School enjoy a fast-paced hands-on program in an intimate environment and, not unimportantly, in one of the world’s most beautiful capitals, Prague. The city is renowned for its beauty and vitality, its charm and pulse. Prague Film School embodies and contributes to this pulse.

Programs offered Film making (screen writing, cinematography, editing and cinematography): year and two year programs, semester programs, summer workshops
Acting for film: semester and year programs
Documentary film: semester and year programs
Animation: semester and year programs
For application deadlines, please visit the Prague Film School web site.

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