Psychologist & Psychotherapist Mgr. Jana Gál M.A.

Psychologist & Psychotherapist Mgr. Jana Gál M.A.

Na poříčí 1041/12, Praha 1, 11000

I am a psychologist, psychotherapist, and cross-cultural counselor with fifteen years of experience living in different countries, and although I am Czech citizen I live among foreign friends and colleagues all the time.

I provide psychotherapy for depression, anxiety, and relationship problems as well as consultancy on cross-cultural issues either on personal or online sessions.

Living abroad can bring very different qualities and features to the surface. Sometimes it is the greater side of us and sometimes the more vulnerable one. The life far away from our homes adds a different flavor to life.

Whatever crises you are going through, you already made a wise decision to deal with it and look for help. I will be honored to be on your side and help you to overcome your difficulties.


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