Massage studio - Bc. Dagmar Hermankova

Massage studio - Bc. Dagmar Hermankova

Nebušická 709, Horoměřice 709, Praha - západ, 25262

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My name is Dagmar (Dasha) Heřmánková. I am a clinical massage therapist with licence approved by the Czech Ministry of Health.

In my studio I provide both relaxing and therapeutic treatment.

I base my treatments on a variety of techniques and massage styles, for example swedish massage, ayurvedic deep tissue dátá snéhan, hawaii lomi lomi or kinesiotaping. I choose them according to the patient’s health and goals wanted to achieve. I do not only pour the oil, I am focused to solve your problem.

You are welcome to enjoy the peaceful time while getting the most for your body and soul.

Baby sitting available during the massage on Tuesday mornings. Your child will spend the time in a small nursery on the same floor. Previous booking needed.

Studio is located in Horoměřice
• 7 min from the ISP – International School of Prague (Nebušice)
• 8 min from The British School (Liboc)
• 10 - 15 min from Riverside School

Prices from 300 CZK for 30 minutes. Morning prices 20 % off

If you don´t reach me by phone, please text me. I will get in touch.

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