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LinkAmerika has been importing FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) from over 30 different countries for the past 19 years. The company was the first to bring peanut butter to the Czech market since 1945 when American forces introduced this with their rations. Currently we are bringing in a large variety of international food products that can be found at Ahold, Tesco, Kaufland, Globus and Makro as well as other locations around Prague. We always appreciate expat input when making our food selections, so feel free to write us with your suggestions.

Outside of international foods, we carry over 1500 items of perfumes, cosmetics, household and health & beauty care items. Primarily we make a market in major brands, but we also import and represent private label and independent manufacturers as well.Each month on Saturday morning, we have an open house at our warehouse which is right near the Prague airport. The products at the open house are roughly 35-70% off what you would pay in the stores in Czech. We also do tastings of new products there. We will announce these at Expats and hope you can join us for at least one to stock up. 

Some of the better known brands we sell are:

Skippy peanut butter,
Arm & Hammer,
Arizona ice tea,
Jamie Oliver,
Blue Diamond Almonds,
Jack Daniel's sauces,
and many more.

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