Joe Fix All s.r.o.
5.0 Reviewed by 15 users
You can drop off your item and pick it later after the fix or I can come to you at home/work during the day per prior agreement and do the fix in front of you.

Regardless of the language spoken, google translate has done a great job so far ;)
Service is provided in these languages English, French and Arabic.

Any type of Phones or Laptops fixing.
Starting from dust cleaning to component replacement and water damages.

Smart phones:
Apple iPhones
Android Phone: Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, Honor, HTC, LG, OnePlus, Redmi and Samsung.

Macbook Pro and Macbook Air.
Dell, HP, ASUS, Lenovo, SONY, Acer and more.

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Amazing service, unmatched in Prague

Reviewed by Emiliano Sanchez 11.03.2021
If you need any repair of electronics, mobiles, pc's etc., this is the guy to go to. Not only he has flawless english (as an expat this is highly appreciated) but he can come to you and fix it on the spot. He was very kind and he explained me a lot about the phone he was repairing for me. The job was superb and transparent about the price! (Note he fixed my Xiaomi Mi 9T broken screen, and no hidden fees of any sort making it not only... read more

Fast, cheap, flawless and honest!

Reviewed by user 04.03.2021
I asked him to act quickly and he did indeed! He asked a very low price for charging port/ battery and screen replacement. Also he showed the price of the pieces in retail stores in CZ. He fixed the phone (an unusual Nokia 7 plus) and now it's really new!


Reviewed by Ng Duc Anh 22.02.2021
He traveled 2 days in a row in the snow to help me fix my pc at an awesome price! If i would fix it anywhere else it would cost me so much more! I would recommend Joe to any foreigners/students who lives in Prague.

Joe really fix all

Reviewed by Kaltrine Kabashi 18.01.2021
I would highly recommend Joe. My laptop was literally "dead" and he was able to fix the problem very quickly. He was so professional and very trustworthy. I am so happy now to have my laptop fixed. Joe really knows his way around computers.


Reviewed by Benjamin Le Maoult 04.12.2020
This guy rocks ! Very nice and very professionnal. He knows what he's doing. He taught us a lot of things about laptops.


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