Joe Fix All s.r.o.

Joe Fix All s.r.o.

Jeremiášova 2722/2b, Prague, 15500 Now open - closes at 20:00

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We offer convenient options for our customers to have their items repaired. We can arrange a prior agreement and provide on-site repair services at your home or workplace during regular business hours.

We are pleased to inform you that our services are available in English, French, and Arabic. In addition, we utilize Google Translate and AI powered translators to ensure effective communication with customers speaking other languages.

Our expertise extends to various electronic devices, including smartphones and laptops. Our range of services covers everything from basic maintenance tasks such as dust cleaning to complex procedures like component replacement and repairs for water-damaged devices.

Please feel free to reach out to us for any further inquiries or to schedule an appointment.

Apple iPhones
Android Phone: Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, Honor, HTC, LG, OnePlus, Redmi, Samsung and more.

Macbook Pro and Macbook Air.
Dell, HP, ASUS, Lenovo, SONY, Acer and more.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Reviewed by Liana Ellegate 24.03.2021
I seriously recommend Joe to anyone who needs electronics repaired. He fixed my laptop when I thought it was completely dead. He was so fast, walked me through the repair (which was really cool), and managed to bring my computer back to life without even having to replace any parts (though he had them in case it was needed)! I am so so pleased. He is also incredibly honest and charges a good price. Definitely go to him if you need your... read more

Joe Fixall is a gift to Prague

Reviewed by user 20.03.2021
Joe and his versatile services are a gift to Prague, particularly in Covid times. He can fix many issues remotely (which he did for my Mac easily and quickly), and for more extensive hardware issues can make house calls (he also did for me). Yes, that type of service is pretty rare in Prague. Joe cuts through the time-consuming and obfuscating nonsense of many other would-be computer rescuers. He will address the problem in the most elegant... read more

Amazing service, unmatched in Prague

Reviewed by Emiliano Sanchez 11.03.2021
If you need any repair of electronics, mobiles, pc's etc., this is the guy to go to. Not only he has flawless english (as an expat this is highly appreciated) but he can come to you and fix it on the spot. He was very kind and he explained me a lot about the phone he was repairing for me. The job was superb and transparent about the price! (Note he fixed my Xiaomi Mi 9T broken screen, and no hidden fees of any sort making it not only... read more

Fast, cheap, flawless and honest!

Reviewed by user 04.03.2021
I asked him to act quickly and he did indeed! He asked a very low price for charging port/ battery and screen replacement. Also he showed the price of the pieces in retail stores in CZ. He fixed the phone (an unusual Nokia 7 plus) and now it's really new!


Reviewed by Ng Duc Anh 22.02.2021
He traveled 2 days in a row in the snow to help me fix my pc at an awesome price! If i would fix it anywhere else it would cost me so much more! I would recommend Joe to any foreigners/students who lives in Prague.


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