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Health+ is a private clinic with 15 years of tradition. We provide top-quality health care to adults, children and businesses. We are focused on thorough prevention, ample time for examination and a personal approach. We provide most of our care in one location, in a comfortable environment using the latest technology. We know our clients well and are pleased to be allowed to provide long-term health care.

+ comrehensive care for families and corporate employees
+ 3 health care programs for adults (Garnet, Sapphire, Diamond) and 2 for children (Junior Garnet, Junior Sapphire)
+ comprehensive prevention
+ 90 specialists in more than 40 fields of medicine
+ each client has a personal doctor who coordinates care
+ limited number of patients per doctor
+ guarantee of an appointment for an acute examination within 24 hours
+ 24/7/365 call centre
+ complete e-medicine solution: client zone, mobile app, chat, telemedicine
+ all medical documentation at your disposal
+ beautiful surroundings with excellent transport accessibility
+ helpful and attentive approach of doctors and staff

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