Gallery of steel figures

Gallery of steel figures

Celetná 596/15, Praha 1, 11000 Now closed - opens at 10:00

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From scrap yard into the gallery! This is our story.
The Gallery of Steel Figures is unique world exhibiton thanks to life-size sculptures made of recycled scrap. You can see more than 120 figures on area 1.500 m2.
It's amanzing to see art created from scrap metal as well as enjoy fun in this interactive attraction.

The basic pillar of our sculptures are pieces of scrap metal. On exhibits you can see different sizes of scrap, mostly from cars and motorcycles include engine parts, gearboxes, brake pads, chains up to the very small parts such as bolts, nuts, gears.
All sculptures were created by hand welding.

This is an interactive exhibition, so feel free to touch, try, sit inside of cars or motorcycles, take a photos and live the experience with all your senses! Became a part of the story and enjoy world of fairytales, sci-fi, fantasy, cartoons and automotive world.

You can try your own creativity in Merkur worshop kit and made your own small sculpture.
Come to visit our atractive gift shop with recycled jewellery, miniatures of sculptures, merkur kit, t-shirts and others original handmade gifts or just take a rest in our steel cafe. Everything what you need you can find in our art museum.

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