Free Financial Consulting in Prague

Free Financial Consulting in Prague

Pobřežní 249/46, Praha 8, 18600

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Hey there! 🌟 I've got you covered for a variety of financial services right here in Prague:

💼 My areas of expertise include:

Insurance of all kinds 🛡️
Lending, including mortgages 🏡
Investments 📈
Retirement planning 🕰️

📈 I'm your go-to person for everything from setting up new contracts to reviewing old ones and finding the best conditions. I'll keep you updated about any changes in the financial market. And guess what? All of this comes at no cost to you – my services are completely free!

🚀 Reach out for a friendly chat about your finances in Prague. Let's get you started with a free consultation!

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Very helpful consultation

Reviewed by Francesco Taboga 22.02.2024
I was stumbling with insurance for my car, as all companies were proposing very high payment terms of a used car. Luckily Vladislav helped me find the most convenient option according to my budget, and solved in two days what I was looking for the whole past week, setting me up with the company and handling al communication. I can definitely reccomend his services, and look forward to further collaborations.
Response from owner: Thank you for your review, I deeply appreciate it


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