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Have your stuff delivered superfast

That’s exactly what DeliBarry—a superhero among delivery services—does. And what’s more, it costs few bucks, regardless the destination. So here comes the bad news: you can’t make excuses for not sending any presents because of high prices anymore. ;)

3 reasons why any expat should use DeliBarry

Shipping with DeliBarry is always budget-wise. Thanks to the huge amount of parcels we handle everyday, we can offer bargain-priced delivery to everybody.

DeliBarry needs only 48 hours to get your package anywhere in Europe and only 72 hours to make it anywhere in the world.

It’s really comfortable. All you need to do is fill in the order form, get your parcel ready and wait for our courier to pick it up—so you don’t have to go anywhere. Great, isn’t it?

DeliBarry? What's that?

The company was founded by Robin Holešínský and Martin Janošík. They ship thousands of parcels a day and benefit from advantageous contracts with carriers. One day, they asked themselves: “Why not to enable others to ship parcels inexpensively, too?” And that was when DeliBarry came into being.

And the name? DeliBarry? It’s inspired by Barry Allen which is the civil name of Flash, a superfast superhero. And there’s a reason for it—the delivery is superfast as well. ;)

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