Danu Restaurant & Wine Cellar

Danu Restaurant & Wine Cellar

Korunní 769/24, Praha 2, 12000 Now open - closes at 23:00

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First of all, we are a wine restaurant. It doesn’t mean that the kitchen is not important for us. On the contrary, unlike wine, the honor of creating which always belongs to the winemaker, the cuisine is entirely our creation! And the perception of our concept as a whole depends on what it will be. In search of inspiration we always start from wine. It is invisibly present in the bread that we bake for our guests, in our sauces and marinades, and in our menu you will always find dishes from the wine regions.

Secondly, we are a regional restaurant. We focus on traditional recipes and regional products, which means for us respect and support of neighbors who make wine, cheese, breed cows or fish next to us. By the way, if you like something in our restaurant, you can buy it in our store, and for breakfast you will have our wonderful farm cheese and exceptional air dried ham. Thus, the Danu restaurant will be with you even on the weekend. All the wines are also sold at a special price in our store.

Moreover, the region for us is not limited to, for example, the Czech Republic. We understand it much more broadly, focusing on the winemaking and cuisine of countries such as Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary.

Fourth, but not least, we are a family business. We try to make our guests always feel at home.

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Mrs. Marina

Reviewed by Marina Kir 13.08.2022
We have visited Danu for dinner. Really satisfied: friendly atmosphere, interesting and delicious cuisine, good quality and choice of wines, reasonable prices. Next our visit to Praha we will be at this restaurant again.


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