Charvátova 58/11, Praha 1, 11000 Now open - closes at 22:00

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Cleaning and Dry cleaning services in Prague!

Easy ordering on our web site

Construct your order in several clicks by choosing what exactly you want to be done.
You will immediately know the final price and time it will take. Prices are fixed

Set date and time when we should start

We bring all cleaning products and equipment with them.

Payment by card or cash.

Our services are insured

You only pay if you are satisfied with the cleaning

Sale for periodic cleaning and on certain dates.

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Bad service

Reviewed by user 09.06.2023
I have been unhappy with their service. They were late, they did not clean thoroughly, they left my apartment not clean and they charged high fee.

just ordre them!

Reviewed by Ilya Tolpeko 14.12.2022
I use the service in several cities, and remotely order cleaning services for my parents, I pray that the service lives on as long as the parents!)

John Shyla

Reviewed by Ivan Shyla 14.12.2022
Used them twice - for cleanind and uphostery cleaning. Guys, you need to see their site, the whole booking process is amazing. Literally.


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