Butky Park
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From end of May 2023, residents and visitors to Prague have a new leisure park at their disposal, which has no analogues in the metropolis. A unique children’s playground with a bird theme will dominate the area in close proximity to the Galeria Butovice shopping center and Prokopské údolí. Adults will find exercise and cultural activities in Butky Park with gastronomic facilities and a track for roller skates.

The name of the area Butky Park is inspired by local residents who do not call Nový Butovice anything other than Butky. And Butky, it almost sounds like booths. It is not surprising that the bird theme became the inspiration for the dominant feature of the new area: a unique children’s playground made of wooden segments from the leading Danish supplier MONSTRUM. He makes custom-made playgrounds, each one is so unique, iconic and adapted to a specific place.

Designers and constructors prepared game elements in the form of an ostrich, a toucan, a birdhouse or an egg for Prague, which are on the map of playgrounds from the MONSTRUM workshop, for example, next to New York, Singapore or Dubai. These are no small attractions – for example, the ostrich is almost 6 meters tall. The very smallest children will be delighted by the nebula, from which hippos will peek out.

However, in Butky Park, apart from children and their parents, anyone who likes movement, being in the fresh air, the company of friends and good food will feel great. In addition to a large amount of greenery, the new leisure area with an area of ​​three football fields includes, for example, an event concert zone, a multifunctional field for ball and other team sports, as well as an area for pétanque. There is also be a barbecue zone with a butcher’s stand, kiosks with ice cream, drinks and other refreshments and, of course, sanitary facilities. The popular 510-meter roller skating rink has also been preserved.

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