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Body therapist

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Body therapist clinic is a modern, specialized center providing comprehensive services in physiotherapy, nutritional coaching, massage therapy and healthy life style.

Our clinic has holistic approach to physiotherapy offering diagnostics and therapy of the musculoskeletal system. Our therapists cooperate with other professionals in medical sphere so they are able to provide you with individual and complex care. Injury and illness prevention has also an important role in our approach.

Our physiotherapists has completed wide variety of courses in their further education. They are able to treat patients individually according to their personal needs. Some of the courses are listed below.
• Dry needling (ODNS)
• Diagnostics and therapy of vertigo, vestibular rehabilitation in patients with equilibrium disorders
• Fascial manipulations – Level 1, 2, 3 (Fascial Manipulation of Internal Dysfunction)
• Osteopathic Spinal Manipulation
• DNS – Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization according to prof. PeadDr. Pavel Kolář, Ph.D.
• Rehabilitation therapy of some types of functional sterility according to Ludmila Mojžíšová
• Specialized kinesiology of musculoskeletal system – differential diagnostics and therapy
• Training Stabilization in Strength and Conditioning
• ComplexCore+
• Physical therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction and incontinence
• Complex GHJ therapy
• Kinesiotaping for horse riders
• Orofacial region in complex therapy
• Podiatric minimum
• Fitness trainer, B licence
• Viscerovertebral relations and visceral rehabilitation focusing on therapy for lower part of GI tract
• SonoSkills – Foundation of MSK Ultrasound
• Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science
• Complex trigger point therapy and global reciprocal inhibition, Mobilization in context of myofascial chains

If you are interested in physiotherapy, nutritional consultation or massage therapy (our therapist graduated from RMT program) please send us an email to

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