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Do you need professional education, intensive courses or tutorial classes at home? I can offer you a wide range of French courses that will suit your needs.

I offer different course types: general French, conversation, preparation for DELF, DILF, TCF and TEF exams, preparation for IB (International Baccalaureate) French exams, preparation for Cambridge IGCSE French exams, professional French (Business French, French for Assistants, French in Tourism and French in Hotel and Hospitality Management).

I am a native speaker with a Master’s degree in FLE (professional diploma in teaching French as a foreign language) and I have more than twenty years experience teaching in the United States, for Alliance française, at the Western Bohemia University in Pilsen and in different schools and institutes in Prague, like the French Institute. Throughout my career, I have taught in several types of establishments, from primary schools to universities and to all types of students, from young children to adults. I was responsible for the education of secondary school teachers in cooperation with the French Embassy in Prague and I taught in different companies like ČSOB, Komerční banka, American Express, Rolls Royce or White & Case as well as in several embassies like the Embassy of Ireland. I have official approval to moderate DELF exams (Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française) from the CIEP (Centre International d'Etudes Pédagogiques). I am convinced that my professional experience will help you with your study of French.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information regarding the courses on offer. I will be happy to answer all your questions and I feel sure we will be able to establish a study programme that will suit your needs perfectly.

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Reviewed by Sabrina Hsu 22.02.2019
I have been taking lessons with Romain for more than a year now. I take lessons mostly for fun. With his help and daily practice on duilingo, I am very happy with my progress. I recommend french lessons with Romain.

Exceptional French Teacher

Reviewed by Aakash Ravi 04.10.2016
Romain is undoubtedly one of the best language teachers I have ever had; he not only possesses great knowledge of the French language, but also has a great background and formal education in the English language, making it very easy for him to communicate difficult concepts in a manner that is easy for the student to understand. He is also very flexible with both his schedule and course plans, allowing the student to be fully in control of... read more


Reviewed by Andrey Bakholdin 02.10.2013
I put myself into contact with Romain Vallée thanks to this website and my overall impression of him was and is very positive. Over the years I've come along copious french teachers and almost none of them were as regular and well experienced as Romain. It is important to note that he is a native french speaker, a quality very useful and important for a teacher to have in this sphere of work and sometimes hard to find in Prague.

French lesson

Reviewed by YanaApple 02.03.2012
I have been taking Romains French lessons for a few weeks and I have to say he is very exceptional. He is prepared for each lesson very well. His flexibility for taking lessons in my tide week schedule is excellent. He has a special way of teaching that the lesson are very interesting. I am improving with each lesson. In conclusion he is very smart and I do not hesitate to recommend him even to beginners as he speaks English and Czech too.

A-Linea French lessons

Reviewed by pmaher 13.02.2012
I've been lucky enough to have been taking lessons from Romain for nearly 3 months and I feel my French has really progressed a lot, particularly in my vocab and pronunciation which are the areas we agreed to work on. He also corrects my grammar as we converse and explains the areas where direct translation from English does not work. Romain is a very pleasent, mild mannered but interesting young man from the Loire Valley who speaks both... read more


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