Agentura Asteria
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Agentura Asteria is a Language Service Provider in Olomouc offering weekend TEFL Orientation Courses in Olomouc.  The courses cover the Principles and Practice of EFL tuition, leading on succesful completion of studies to TEFL Certification - which is optional. On completion of the TEFL Training Course succesful graduates enjoy lifelong Career Support, with the opportunity to travel and earn - and run their own EFL coaching and English Language communications practice. We offer independent career options for those who want to deliver EFL tuition or English language services such as proof-reading, copywriting or editing to Czech and European professional and corporate clients. Freelancers can take advantage of work opportunities providing EFL tuition in Spain, Portugal, Latin America  as well as Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and Austria. Make Central Europe your second home and over-winter in the Southern Hemisphere! Come and stay at our recommended accommodation provider a short walk from Olomouc Main Square. Spend a weekend in this historic UNESCO-listed heritage site - and future-proof your career in the process. Agentura Asteria is one of the few chosen language service providers in the Czech Republic offering university-level, web-delivered Lingua Vista courseware, direct to the desktop.  Lingua Vista was developed in conjunction with leading Czech universities for independent self-managed study. Lingua Vista enables self-managed learning of English as a Foreign Language from zero knowledge to university level.

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