Advokátní kancelář Křenková, s.r.o.

Advokátní kancelář Křenková, s.r.o.

Karolinská 654/2, Praha 8, 18600

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Let me help you with all your expats obligations. My name is Hana and I own a law office and we are helping foreigners in a modern and online way to deal with Czech authorities.

My team will guide you through any expat’s situation. Nowadays is it important to use a remote approach so we have redesigned our service to fit current covid time. Most of the legal steps are done without the need to be present in-person and this is valid for Czech authorities and optionally even for our meetings.

What could you get?

Representation on your behalf in dealings with authorities.
Our team members will personally follow you through all the processes and other state institutions.
Help with follow-up actions and with a payment of administrative fees, even if that requires another obligation according to Czech law.
Saving of time and money by using electronic communication on your behalf.
E-mail notifications and all documents in digital form.

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Willing and professional attitude

Reviewed by user 10.03.2021
Hana Křenková helped me with trade licence. I had no idea how to proceed, but Hanka solved all the essentials for me. Everything went quickly and easily. I really appreciate her kind approach and professionalism.

Accurate and fast

Reviewed by Gala Mihailovic 10.03.2021
I went with Hana Krenkova through the process of obtaining my partnership visa in Prague, and after opening my databox - online mailbox. Hana is a skilled professional, she knows how to guide you through this process, she was always there for any question I had. In MOI they told me that this process can take up to six months, my visa was approved after three months, because all my documents were submitted correctly, so nothing was missing.

Professional, efficient and patient

Reviewed by user 10.03.2021
I found myself in very hectic situation with mine Employee Card application and needed a quick help with my paperwork. Hanka's service was professional, efficient and just in time. She kept me calm and went with me through the all procedures and paperwork. Hanka and her team saved me a lot of time and drama.


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