ABClinic Art & Beauty

ABClinic Art & Beauty

V parku 2308/8, Praha 4, 14800 Opening hours

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ABClinic Art & Beauty is the first clinic in the Czech Republic to focus on providing comprehensive, multidisciplinary care. Our services complement each other and form a cohesive whole to help clients maintain their natural beauty and good looks as well as their health and physical fitness.

Our comprehensive, multidisciplinary care provides services to our clients in following areas:

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine
Hair Transplant (DHI-Method)
Snoring Therapy
Varicose Veins treatment
Medical device therapies

Our clinic’s concept corresponds to growing public interest in one-stop service. That is why we offer plastic surgery, aesthetic dermatology, physiotherapy, treatment for snoring and varicose veins.

The ABClinic team is made up of highly skilled professionals with a great deal of experience who see their work as their calling. They see their clients as partners, listening carefully, respecting their viewpoint and paying close attention to their wishes and concerns.

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