Water bills to rise in Czechia next year – how much will you pay?

Regions set their own water prices individually in co-operation with water companies, leading to price disparities.

Thomas Smith

Written by Thomas Smith Published on 08.12.2023 13:24:00 (updated on 08.12.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

People in Czechia are set to see a sharp increase in water bills starting next January, according to data from the Waterworks and Sewerage Industry Association (PVK). Waterworks operators plan to raise prices on average between 11 to 12 percent nationwide on average to cover rising costs, though hikes may exceed 25 percent in some regions.

Higher production costs

Inflation, higher energy and operational costs, and – most notably – an increase in value-added tax for water (from 10 to 12 percent) underpin the increase in costs. Infrastructure work undertaken last year has also driven up the prices of water bills, which will take effect from the beginning of January next year.

“The water-supply industry consumes electricity, gas, and fuel…the materials in the construction industry are rising in price, and every year we start 200 constructions connected to water-management infrastructure,” explains Mario Böhme, spokesperson of water company Severočeská vodárenská in news site ČT24.

Water companies, in cooperation with municipalities, set the price of water. This allows for variations across individual regions and cities. However, an established ceiling, referred to by experts as the “social affordability threshold,” ensures that the price never exceeds 2 percent of the average household income in the region.

Price levels vary by region

In Pardubice for instance, water will cost CZK 148 per cubic meter (m³) from January – up from CZK 132. Ostrava residents will need to pay CZK 109 per m³, versus the current CZK 97. 

Water-price levels in 2023 nationwide. Source: pravdaovode.cz
Water-price levels in 2023 nationwide. Source: pravdaovode.cz

České Budějovice is the only region in the whole country where the price of water will not increase – in a bid to not overburden its citizens with excess costs, it has decided to maintain its rate of CZK 84 per m³.

Will Prague see a rise in price?

Praguers will need to wait until around Christmas to see how much their water bill will rise. However, PVK spokesperson Tomáš Mrázek estimates the increase to be around 13 percent. Last year, residents were slapped with an 18.5-percent increase in their water bill. According to the City of Prague, residents currently pay about CZK 129 per m³ – among the highest rates in the country.


  • Ústí nad Labem - CZK 128 to CZK 124
  • Liberec - CZK 93 to CZK 97
  • České Budějovice - stays at CZK 84
  • Brno - CZK 102 to 1CZK 06
  • Zlín - CZK 117 to CZK 130
  • Ostrava - CZK 97 to CZK 109
  • Hradec Králové - CZK 113 to CZK 130
  • Pardubice - CZK 132 to CZK 148

What does this mean for personal finance? Thankfully, not much damage will be done. Officials estimate the average family's water bill will rise by several tens of crowns monthly. A person living alone can therefore expect to pay no more than CZK 20 monthly for their water usage.

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