Warning shots fired as man tries to cross Czech-Polish border during lockdown

A German resident of the Czech Republic was apprehended by Polish guards after attempting to cross the border illegally

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 29.04.2020 10:19:46 (updated on 29.04.2020) Reading time: 1 minute

While the coronavirus situation has been improving in the Czech Republic in recent weeks, continued efforts to slow the spread of the virus both within the country and among our neighbors are not to be taken lightly.

Polish media reported yesterday the case of a man attempting to illegally cross the Czech border at the town of Pilszcz, a few kilometers from the Czech city Opava.

Identified as a German resident of the Czech Republic, the man drove to a crossing patrolled by Polish forces from the 10th Logistics Brigade of Opole Czytaj, left his car, and apparently attempted to enter the country on foot.

When he didn’t respond to verbal instructions from the Polish officials, two warning shots were fired and he was ultimately apprehended.

“From the Czech side a passenger car drove up to the station, from which a man got out,” police spokesperson Piotr Płuciennik told Polish media sources.

“Not paying attention to the orders given by the soldiers, he tried to enter our country several times. When verbal orders were unsuccessful, and the man did not intend to obey the orders of the soldiers, two warning shots were fired, and after detention, the man was handed over to the Border Guard.”

According to Polish media, this was the second incident at the Opole border crossing between the Czech Republic and Poland this week.

A few days earlier, three Czechs were detained by Polish officials after crossing the border during a horse ride. The riders were let off with a verbal warning.

Note to potential travelers: while the Czech Republic’s ban on residents leaving the country was officially lifted last Friday, that doesn’t mean other countries will be letting you in.

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