VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Take a trip down memory lane to Prague in 1993

A video from MTV captures colorful Prague and its kooky music scene almost three decades ago.

Thomas Smith

Written by Thomas Smith Published on 11.11.2022 14:38:00 (updated on 11.11.2022) Reading time: 2 minutes

The year is 1993. The newly formed Czech Republic has just broken off the shackles of communism, Václav Havel is president, and rousing anthem “What Is Love” by Haddaway tops the music charts.

The 20-percent inflation is similar to what we're experiencing today, just like people's determination to enjoy themselves.

Life in Czechia was colorful, with people embracing their newfound freedom and enjoying Western influences.

Denim jackets, baggy jeans, sunglasses, and bright coats dominate the fashion scene. Young people would wear their Doc Martens to hip bars in their area. Lucerna Music Bar or the legendary Discoland were firm favorites on the local scene.

The country's first McDonald’s opened a year before, opening the way for other fast food innovations. The iconic Trabant, an Eastern German car known throughout the communist bloc, is still a common sight on Czech streets.

“There were people on Můstek with a couple of beer crates on either side and a plank in between selling porno magazines and apples and everything in between: bottles of booze, cigarettes, T-shirts and baseball caps."

The words of Glen Emery in an interview with Radio Prague during his time in early 1990s Prague.

On the Czech music scene, “Karviná” by Yo Yo band and “Pijánovka” by Tři sestry top the charts. 

Some expats would head to Jo’s Bar, or possibly frequent Repre Club, Thirsty Dog, or Bunkr – featured in the video – for their night's entertainment and occasional live music concert.

The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa, a Czech alternative rock band, were one of many music groups enjoying Prague's vibrant music scene. Support Lesbiens, Toyen, and Naked Souls were also popular local bands at the time.

“There were a lot of wild, wonderful, strange and curious people around in the early days…everybody was young and footloose,” Canadian Glen Emery, who was a bar and club operator at that time, says in a great summary of the early 1990s.

Take a trip down memory lane to the "Wild East" with MTV's 120 minute segment for interviews with some of the breakthrough Czech bands of the 90s and see how different life in Prague was almost 30 years ago.

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