Upscale Furniture in Prague

Exploring some of the luxurious design furniture options Prague has to offer

Mindee Ball

Written by Mindee Ball Published on 11.06.2012 10:34:30 (updated on 11.06.2012) Reading time: 4 minutes

Although I am a firm believer in renting fully-furnished apartments while living overseas, many expats, I like to call them the “new locals”, opt for renting an empty flat and filling it with items to match their personal style. A blank canvas can either be slightly overwhelming or extremely exciting to the eager artist. For those with a preference for luxury and an eagerness to shop, Prague will please when it comes to home design.

I have scoped out three perfectly posh shops where consumers are sure to find upscale furnishings.

Vinohradská 190, Prague 3

This could easily be called the “Diamond Ikea.” The items in Decoland are similar to those you will see in Ikea. For example, the wall units are similar, although seem to be better quality, sturdier and a bit pricier. Everything about Decoland is gorgeous and tasteful. Styles range from romantic and elegant to clean and simple. The pieces are all extremely modern with clean lines. If traditional is more your taste, Decoland may not be for you. Although some styles do suggest a hint of conservatism, the main theme in Decoland is modern.

From unique light fixtures and wall clocks to large, 8-seat dining tables, Decoland really does provide everything one would need to furnish a new home. In addition to the wide range of furniture options, Decoland provides a Scavolini design section in store for customizing different items to match specific tastes and preferences.

Upscale Furniture in Prague

Along with the beauty and trendiness of the designs comes a slightly higher price tag. A modern glass coffee table with faux stainless steel embellishments will cost 33,570 CZK. A simpler and smaller glass coffee table option will run 15,990 CZK.

An 8-seat dining table is listed for 37,690 CZK. The display included sturdy, fabric-covered chairs for 5,170 CZK each.

A white sectional sofa, measuring 316cm-x-104cm, was priced at 77,810 CZK.

Sideboards, wall units, media solution and everything else you could want can be found in Decoland as well.

You will also find a section for kid’s bedrooms. This small area is filled with colorful bedding, bunk-beds and kid-sized tables.

After you have tackled the task of purchasing the large furniture, Decoland provides a small area filled with accessories for the home. This area offers Alessi kitchen wares like stainless steel kettles and dish sets. Your four-legged family member won’t be forgotten on this shopping trip as there is a section dedicated to pet items such as colorful, modern dog bowls and pet accessories.

Upscale Furniture in Prague

Celetná 12, Prague 1

Modernista is a true Czech gem focusing on Czech designs. Furniture found here includes original designs, reproductions of past items, refurbished antiques and even steel furniture. Modernista has also furnished many businesses and hotels around Prague. If you are in the market for one of a kind pieces or refinished items from the 1930s, then put Modernista on your list.

Modernista has some truly amazing pieces of furniture. You can find reissues of pieces from the Czech Cubism era dating back to 1910. Classy and elegant, these pieces are stunning and require a level of appreciation for the historical aspects of their existence. The sofas and chairs are remarkable, depicting great differences from today’s mass-production of over-modernized furniture.

Upscale Furniture in Prague

This red chaise-lounge is a reproduction of a 1930s model. Modernista offers this chair in a variety of fabrics. Priced at roughly 40,000 CZK.

Modernista restores very unique, one of a kind pieces that resemble nothing you’ll find in Ikea. Reflecting art deco styles and Czech traditions, these collections are designed for the exclusive shoppers in Prague!

Upscale Furniture in Prague

A very industrial piece, this steel basket locker from the 1950s is a breathtaking addition to any streamlined flat. Measuring 78x137x35, the locker is priced at 75,000 CZK.

Upscale Furniture in Prague

You can even furnish your home with this 1960’s Italian-style coffee bar counter for roughly 343,000 CZK.
Aptly named, Modernista will have your flat uniquely furnished, making you the hit of the block.

Almi Décor
Nám. republiky 1, Prague 1
Plzeňská 8, Prague 5

Almi Décor is a blend of luxury and tradition, creating an array of very warm options for your home. Furnish your bedroom to your garden with the seemingly endless options from Almi Décor.

Almi Décor provides furniture in hardwoods, fabrics and restored pieces. Bedding, light fixtures, kitchen items and outdoor furniture are all available. Your kitchen can be decked out in the finest tablecloths and napkins in town. Almi Décor has a selection of cutlery, place settings, and glasses. Need some pretty knick-knacks to adorn your new coffee table? Accessories are bountiful at Almi Décor. Clocks, candlesticks, picture frames, and much more are available.

I noticed some amazing pieces at Almi Décor that I would love to have for my own! I have listed my favorites below. They are exquisite in beauty and appeal.

Upscale Furniture in Prague

This bed, featuring a high, quilted headboard, measures 200cm x195cm x218cm and is priced at 56 900 CZK. A stunning piece that I would be happy to sleep in each night!

Upscale Furniture in Prague

The Chesterfield sofa, shown in aubergine, measure 95cm long and is priced at 48 400 CZK. This collection also comes with an optional armchair.

Upscale Furniture in Prague

This Imperial armchair in a light lavender shade is a classic, traditional piece that would calm any room. Almi Décor has priced the chair at 30 000 CZK.

Upscale Furniture in Prague

This coffee table, made of ashwood in Shanghai black, is a simple piece that adds a traditional element to a living space. The metal handles also bring a modern element to the table.

In addition to these beautiful stores, here are a few other great places to check out:

Komunardů 32, Prague 7

Českomoravská 183, Prague 9

V Jámě 3, Prague 1
Pobřežní 52, Prague 8

2B Luxury
Anglická 42/7, Praha 2,

Those in the market for lavish goods should pay these stores a visit. Your flat will thank you.

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