5 ways Charles University's language institute helps foreigners master Czech – for good

Professional teachers, a supportive atmosphere, and cultural immersion give students at the Charles University's language institute an edge.

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Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 16.08.2023 17:00:00 (updated on 17.08.2023) Reading time: 4 minutes

If you're an expat in Czechia who has dreamed of effortlessly conversing with locals, unlocking the gateway to the country's charm and experiences, language mastery isn't as far off as you thought.

The Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies of Charles University (ÚJOP UK) offers an exceptional opportunity for foreigners to explore the rich culture and history of the Czech Republic through its immersive Czech language courses. According to past students, it works.

"After three months I mastered the basics of Czech thanks to the sophisticated programs. I didn't know Czech at all. It was a hard study, but I managed thanks to the professional and very human approach of the teacher," said ÚJOP UK student Anton Berdnikov.

Here are 5 more reasons why enrolling in courses at ÚJOP UK can provide students with the tools they need to connect with the people and history of Czechia.

#1 Learn from exceptional teaching professionals

Instructors with a profound understanding of the Czech language and culture form the backbone of the ÚJOP UK courses. The institute prides itself on fostering a stimulating learning environment that encourages active engagement, enabling learners to acquire practical language skills.

ÚJOP UK students benefit from the institute's communicative teaching approach, fostering active engagement and enjoyment at every level, from A1 to C1.

We believe that a teacher is not an infallible authority but rather an empathetic and patient guide on your journey to language proficiency and integration."

"Our dedicated instructors prioritize student satisfaction and continually enhance their professionalism through participation in language conferences, webinars, and workshops," teacher Jana Nováková said.

#2 Learn Czech faster

Participants in the intensive courses can expect accelerated progress, dedicating five hours each day to language immersion. In just six weeks, they witness a remarkable transformation in their Czech language skills.

Berdnikov said the Czech language courses allowed him to prepare for the medical licensing exam and to work as a doctor in Most.

What surprised him while studying was: "They started speaking Czech right away and the very human approach of the teachers. Sometimes we were like a family. Within a short time, we were speaking Czech."

#3 Learn the Czech language, in Czech

Other participants in the course attest that learning the language in Czech was a vital part of the experience. Liz Kohout, whose first language is Indonesian, believes that being taught solely in Czech helped her develop her skills much faster than in courses where the instructors use both English and Czech to teach.

"Non-Slavic speakers are afraid of studying Czech without English. As a non-Slavic speaker, I have to say it is totally different from my native language. All classes were conducted in Czech, We use Czech as the main language and our brains switched to the Czech language naturally," said Kohout who began courses from the A2 level.

Outside of class, Kohout found that the homework administered helped her to prepare for the next lesson as well as retain the information from the last class.

#4 Actively engage with the Czech lanugage

During ÚJOP UK courses, cultural events and excursions from recitals and theater performances to sharing students' collected works in a writers' club are a part of the learning experience.

Kohout said she also appreciated that instructors took the class on field trips to cafes, restaurants, and other places throughout Prague to teach them more about real-world interactions which can't always be accurately taught in the classroom.

"The instructors had a very enthusiastic teaching style and made sure to give an overview of the lesson at the start of each class, which I found to be very helpful throughout the day," she added.

#5 Learn in a breathtaking location

Why does the school's location hold the key to success? At ÚJOP UK, language learning extends beyond the classroom. Participants have the rare opportunity to be physically present in the country whose language they are learning experiencing not only a range of cultural events and excursions but exposure to the sites, history, and architectural splendor of Prague.

Situated in the heart of Prague, in close proximity to iconic sights such as the National Theater, Prague Castle, the Vltava River, Petřín Hill, and the National Theater, ÚJOP UK courses take place in modern and well-equipped classrooms are housed in a renovated building that exudes historical charm.

An on-site canteen, relaxation room, study room, and access to a school library enhance the learning experience. Friendly and helpful study clerks are always available to assist students as well.

#6 Enjoy flexible enrollment that fits your life

For those with busy schedules who can't commit to intensive courses, ÚJOP UK also offers non-intensive evening courses, providing a more flexible approach. Moreover, individuals with unique time constraints can opt for personalized lessons tailored to their specific requirements.

Applicants can join the program at any time throughout the year with opportunities to enroll in summer, fall, winter, or spring. Apply as soon as possible, as processing the application and the payment requires time.

Why learn Czech at Charles University?

Exceptional Teaching Staff: The team at ÚJOP UK comprises highly skilled instructors who undergo advanced training to ensure students get a comprehensive and top-notch language education.
Czech Course for Professionals: A unique aspect of language study at Charles University is the availability of medical Czech courses.
Flexible Enrollment: Applicants can join the program at any time throughout the year with opportunities to enroll in summer, fall, winter, or spring. For those with busy schedules who are unable to commit to an intensive course, ÚJOP UK offers evening non-intensives and online options.

This article was written in cooperation with the Charles University, Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies. Read more about our partner content policies here.

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