This innovative sauna is now floating on a Czech pond

Billed as the Czech Republic's first free-floating sauna, this unique invention combines modern Czech design with Finnish wellness tradition. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 28.01.2023 13:40:00 (updated on 28.01.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

A unique free-floating sauna that combines Finnish wellness with modern Czech design is now floating in a pond in Sobáčov in the Czech Republic's Olomouc region. Designed by Plovoucí sauny (Floating Saunas), the sauna can be enjoyed at the Náš Sobáčov resort, and fans can make an even bigger splash by purchasing their own model in one of three different sizes.

Designed to be enjoyed by travelers at ponds, lakes, and other bodies of water in the Czech Republic and beyond, the floating sauna can be easily broken down and reassembled for transport.

The Floating Saunas company is the brainchild of Šimon Pelikán, a Czech waterskiier and founder of the Cruises Olomouc boat tour agency, along with Martin Hudák from the Ostrava-based design and architecture studio Ateliér3M. They aim to bring wellness fans a unique experience and a different view every time they use the sauna.

Czech floating sauna. Photo: Facebook / Plovoucí sauna
Czech floating sauna. Photo: Facebook / Plovoucí sauna

"This concept first occurred to us as an element for a wellness resort we were designing, but in the end we did not use it and it remained in a drawer for some time," Hudák recently told Czech Design, adding that the duo focused on sustainability, durability, and aesthetics when putting the first model together.

By combining the sauna with open water, users are also invited to take a plunge after their ritual. This follows in the Finnish tradition of cold exposure after using a sauna, which is said to release stress and boost the immune system.

"What we enjoy most about all of this is the freedom - the ability to sail away," added Hudák. "Enjoy a different view every time and feel the rhythm of the water. We wanted to make ourselves happy and show people another way to relax."

Czech floating sauna. Photo: Facebook / Plovoucí sauna
Czech floating sauna. Photo: Facebook / Plovoucí sauna

The very first public floating sauna can now be booked at the Náš Sobáčov resort outside of Olomoc, which is also popular for its recreational fishing. Prices run CZK 1200 for a 90-minute session.


If you want to make a big splash, however, you can even buy your own floating sauna in one of three sizes to accommodate two, four, or six people. More details can be found through the official Floating Saunas website.

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