Why now might be the perfect time to upgrade your computer skills

Distance learning may be new for some, but New Horizons Computer Learning Centers have been practicing it for two decades

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Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 30.10.2020 11:06:00 (updated on 21.10.2022) Reading time: 3 minutes

As more and more workplaces shift to the virtual environment during the COVID-19 pandemic, in what may be a permanent change for some companies, computer skills are becoming increasingly relevant for a wider variety of jobs.

Those skills can be honed through New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, a global leader in computer education and online learning that has been offering courses in Prague since 2008.

Going forward, positions will require computer skills that they didn't in the past. And in Prague, improving your tech skills can be a valuable asset if hunting for work in the city's highly-sought-after IT industry.

With many stuck at home for the immediate future and perhaps with a little extra time on their hands, now is a perfect time to invest in some online education and improving their computer skills.

If you're already working from home, adding some online education to your daily routine might make a lot of sense. And if you're an employer, providing this kind of education might be a necessity for employees switching to a different mode of work style.

While distance learning may be new for many, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers have been practicing it for decades.

Founded in California in 1981, New Horizons has become the #1 option for online learning in the United States over the past 40 years. From 2008, they've also been operating in the Czech Republic.

New Horizons operates virtual OnLine LIVE (OLL) classrooms with instruction from certified teachers in the use of personal computers, computer software, and business skills. This method allows some of the world's top instructors to connect with students here in Prague and across the Czech Republic.

You can get a better idea about what the OnLine Live training is like, and how the instructor interacts with students, through the class introduction video below:

Through OnLine Live training, students are able to participate in instruction through video and audio feeds, and well as online prompts they can use to interact with the instructor.

Documents and presentations can be viewed in real time, and every class is recorded and can be played back for reference. Team activities are facilitated through the use of a virtual room, where students can participate in discussions with both the instructor and classmates.

Each class is different, but a focus through each is hands-on activities through labs, during which students put what they've learned to practical use. Labs are completed one-on-one with an instructor who monitors how each student implements their what they've learned, and guides them through practical scenarios.

Because each course is led live through an instructor, students can also ask about any real-world issues they might be having, and every course can be customized to suit a student's particular needs.

Classes are organized for both beginners and up through advanced programming languages and software, and are offered for both individual students as well as corporate teams. Instruction takes place in English, and dates are guaranteed.

Over the past two decades, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers has become not only a global leader computer instruction, but also a pioneer in online learning.

"When I started this class I was a little apprehensive about online learning, but what I have learned is that it is as interactive if not more so than an instructor led class," says Bob A. from Austin, Texas.

"The interface is intuitive; I have video full time with the instructor, I can communicate easily with the microphone or via text chat. The labs have been sensational. You have a full range of servers/sans to work on. It’s been an excellent experience here at New Horizons and I would highly recommend online live learning."

Because New Horizons operates in countries across the globe, you can choose live online instruction at a time that suits you. No time during local Europe working hours? Classes from a U.S.-based instructor at night might better fit your needs. 

This article was written in cooperation with New Horizons. Read more about our parnter content policy here.

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