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BBC's Rob Cameron on this week's podcast Staff

Written by Staff Published on 06.06.2007 11:24:32 (updated on 06.06.2007) Reading time: 2 minutes

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A weekly one-on-one discussion with the men and women who thrive on the cutting edge of Prague’s international scene, hosted by Canadian expat, Prague-based freelance journalist, and award-winning author Adam Daniel Mezei.

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Roving Central and Eastern European correspondent for the BBC, Radio Prague, and Deutsche Welle, Rob Cameron is that familiar voice expats and locals alike have all come to recognize and love. Cameron regularly features such shows as “Inside Europe” and “One-on-One.” In addition to his journalistic duties, he also lectures on radio journalism for New York University in Prague. Rob has lived in the Czech Republic since 1993.

The Knowledge No. 1 : 29/5/07 – Interview with Rob Cameron
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At Large in the Big City

Every week, beginning mid-May, 2007, will be “doing the knowledge” as part of a weekly podcast featuring a free-flowing and intimate discussion between Mezei and successful members of the international community in Prague. THE KNOWLEDGE’s guests have weathered the storm of the past 17 years of post-Communism and built an organization or career committed to success. They’ve witnessed the Golden City´s many changes and have been a part of its evolution as “change agents.”

Gain insights on their secrets. Learn about the struggles they faced when setting out on their journey. Every expatriate earns their stripes in Prague, and here’s an opportunity to listen first-hand to what our community’s leading lights discovered.


Adam Daniel Mezei is THE KNOWLEDGE’s Prague-based freelance journalist and author originally from Toronto, Canada. He first set foot in the Czech Republic back in 2002–on a whim during a trip to Denmark–and hasn’t looked back since. Mezei’s Czechoslovak roots find their home in Central Slovakia.

Winner of the British Czech and Slovak Association’s 2006 Writer’s Competition for his short story “Mayor Sulc’s Astonishing 2010 Directive”–about a 21st-century Czech Republic hijacked by revisionist Communist insurgents intent on rolling back the clock of democratic progress, marshalled though the storm by visionary Prague mayor Jiri Sulc–Mezei is the author or two short story anthologies as part of his “We Are the…” published series with “We Are the New Bohemians: The Post-Communist Collection” and “We Are the New Auroras: The Story Collection.”

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