Weekly Training Plan 3.4. - 9.4.

The Hervis Prague Half Marathon coming up this Saturday!

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Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 03.04.2013 16:06:53 (updated on 03.04.2013) Reading time: 1 minute

The winter season simply doesn’t want to go away this year, however come rain or shine, 12 500 runners will be joining the course of the Hervis Prague Half Marathon this coming Saturday.  Allow yourself to be carried away by the emotional atmosphere as the masses of runners set off to the music of Smetana’s Vltava.  Once you’ve started the race, don’t look back at your fellow runners, concentrating instead on slowing your pace down and focusing all your energy on breathing.  Adopt a gentle pace continuing like this for the first kilometre. Get used to the surface you are running on, to the temperature as well as your surroundings. Only after completing the first kilometre, should you gradually make the switch to a faster racing pace. As long as you don’t overdo it at the beginning, you’ll be able to use your excess energy for later on, allowing you to take over those who got carried away and burnt out at the beginning. We look forward to seeing you at the start, along the course plus as you cross the finish line – and may you all hold onto your passion for running throughout and don’t forget to keep on smiling.

Training plan:

Wednesday 3. 4.
45 min (65 – 75% your heart  rate (HR)). Check the tips on special training plan for the last week before the marathon here.

Thursday 4. 4.
Free time

Friday 5. 4.
25 min freely

Saturday 6. 4.
***Hervis Prague Half Marathon***

Sunday 7. 4.
25 min (50 – 65% HR max)

Monday 8. 4.
Free time

Tuesday 9. 4.
40 min freely (50 – 75% HR max); stretching in the evening


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