Sun Ra Legacy Lives On

Legendary band returns to Palác Akropolis

Craig Monts

Written by Craig Monts Published on 21.09.2012 14:47:14 (updated on 21.09.2012) Reading time: 2 minutes

Sun Ra Arkestra are playing September 26th in Palác Akropolis. Check the details here.

The original Sun Ra collective performed under the musical guidance and watchful eye of Le Sony’r Ra (born born Herman Poole Blount). After Blount’s death in 1993, the group found leadership in tenor saxophonist John Gilmore and now the torch has been passed to the legendary alto-saxophinist Marshall Allen. Allen is a pensioner with nothing but Jazz running through his veins, who has spent years working alongside some of the greatest names in progressive music and entertainment.  

The Sun Ra Arkestra was a truly progressive and forward-thinking group of talented musicians. They pushed levels of creativity on every single level. A Jazz Funk outfit performing live on stage adorned in elaborate and colourful space-like costumes, incorporating ancient African dance steps into their shows. The band’s songs are filled with talk of outer body & outer-planetary experiences (often induced by their music). These performers were the original Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj, a group of performers who weren’t afraid to experiment with both sound and their instruments. Truly inspirational individuals!   

The 26th of this month sees Allen alongside the SUN RA Arkestra perform at Prague’s Akropolis, with support from Czech talent Philip TBC. TBC is a well-known name among Czech & Slovak musos. His live show combines genres and styles with ease. The perfect reflection of the DJ’s own body of work. Eclectic quality coming from a musician with a true passion for music, regardless of the genre, much like Allen and the Arkestra.  

I for one will be interested to see if the Sun Ra Arkestra still have the same energy and passion as the original line-up. It’s no easy feat for an 80-year-old man to perform with the same vigour as his former youthful self! But then anything is possible when you have the universe on your side, right? Is it possible that the original Arkestra’s outer-planetary missions have given the remaining members that all important cosmosian ‘je nais se quoi’? I’ll definitely be in attendance to find out!  

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Another interesting event in the city: 16 year-old chillwave producer XXYYXXwill be playing at the unlikely Potrva venue in Prague 6 alongside his musical partner Giraffage on the 30th of September. XXYYXX has taken the electronic scene by storm with his downtempo tracks and stunning visuals. This is a rare opportunity to catch these up & coming artists in such a cosy venue. I highly recommend heading down!

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