Storm Sabine in Prague led to 280 emergency calls — injuries and damage reported

Storm Sabine dislodged roofing and toppled trees, leading to injuries and damaged cars

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 10.02.2020 18:09:56 (updated on 10.02.2020) Reading time: 2 minutes

Prague saw some disruption from Storm Sabine on February 10, with roof parts blown off, and fallen trees leading to injuries and car damage. Prague cemeteries have been closed until further notice, and Prague Zoo closed for the day. The forested areas of the Botanical Garden were also closed.

Václav Havel Airport Prague was not affected. “The operation of the airport is not restricted. We encourage passengers to keep up to date with their airline or on the web,” the airport posted on its website.

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) issued an alert that there is a high degree of danger due to wind until the night of February 10, which should drop low degree of danger during for all day on February 11 and then return to normal for February 12.

A tree fell in the Old Jewish Cemetery. via Praha.EU

“For security reasons, the Prague Zoo and the Prague cemeteries have been closed. Citizens should carefully consider whether to enter parks and not stay under trees. Because of the impending danger, the ferry replacing the Troja footbridge is not running. … We ask Prague residents to follow the safety instructions,” Deputy Mayor Petr Hlubuček (United Force for Prague) said. Other ferries across the Vltava river have also been canceled.

Volunteer firefighters have been on alert, and the operations center added additional operational officers.

A tree hit a car. via Praha.EU

By 8:20 am on February 10, Prague firefighters has answered 81 cases related to strong winds. The situation stabilized by noon, but winds strengthened again at 1 pm. After the resurgence, the total number of cases rose to 160, and by 4 pm there were 280 cases.

Firefighters have dealt primarily with fallen trees and loose metal sheets from roofs. Trees have fallen on parked cars in the Bohnice and Modřany areas.

A boy and a girl were taken to a hospital after a tree fell in Klánovice. The injuries are not life threatening.

A fallen tree blocks a road. via Praha.EU

On Washingtonova Street, near Prague’s main train station Hlavní nádraží, a metal sheet from a roof was blown off at around 9:30 am. A tin garage covering a luxury limo was dislodged by the wind on Jana Želivského Street at around 1 pm, damaging the limo.

Air conditioning ducts had to be secured at Ovocný trh, and a fallen tree had to be removed from the Old Jewish Cemetery.

The storm known as Sabine has also caused power outages across the Czech Republic.

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