Plane Crash to Hit Prague on Thursday

MAYDAY! Staged air disaster rescue operation set to overtake Karlovo náměstí on June 11

Dave Park

Written by Dave Park Published on 08.06.2015 13:31:29 (updated on 08.06.2015) Reading time: 1 minute

This year’s Prague Quadrennial, the city’s largest theatrical event, will take place from June 18 – 25, but a most unlikely event has been prepared to kick off the festivities this Thursday.

MAYDAY will offer spectators at Karlovo náměstí the chance to witness a real-life crash and rescue operation, as actual firefighters, medics, and police officers attend to victims of an airline crash portrayed by actors.

“It will be the largest production of its kind – the simulation of an air disaster in a city,” according to the project’s director, Jiří Havelka.

The performance will involve the simulated crash of two small airplanes and the ensuing reaction of a rescue team. During the event, viewers will have the unique opportunity to see the real-life intervention of trained professionals during an emergency of this type and size.

You can catch the action this Thursday (June 11) at 18:30 at Karlovo náměstí. Admittance is free of charge.

Photo: Vosto5
Photo: Vosto5

MAYDAY is a collaboration between the theatrical group Vosto5, who staged a similar event for the 4 + 4 Days in Motion festival, and students from the acting school DAMU.

More information about the event can be found at the websites of Prague Quadrennial and organizer Vosto5 (both in Czech). 

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