Vodafone Special Offer: Data SIM for Visitors

Unlimited calls and 10 GB data for a whole month!

Expats.cz Staff

Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 15.07.2014 10:26:31 (updated on 15.07.2014) Reading time: 1 minute

An ideal solution for holidays in the Czech Republic or a business trip: call your friends, acquaintances, and business partners for 30 days in the Vodafone network and use an unlimited portion of 10 GB for sharing experiences and sending pictures and videos. All in one prepaid card.

Are you going to visit the Czech Republic? Are you going to see your friends, to get to know this beautiful country and its historical monuments, or for business? Do you wish to enjoy a happy ride through the divine country and not to think about how to call and be connected? For CZK 800, or about GBP 23/EUR 30/USD 40 (approximate price which depends on the current exchange rate), you may buy a prepaid card from Vodafone and after three steps you are online and available without limitation.

1) Buy a SIM at one of the shops where they are sold
2) Insert the SIM in your phone
3) Use 10 GB data for 30 days

You can call free of charge not only within Vodafone CZ network but also to fixed lines (in the Czech Republic the fixed lines are 9-digit numbers that do not start with 6, 7 and 8; mobile numbers start with 6 and 7, and colour lines start with 8). You can take advantage of a carefully selected network of partners – the current list is available on the website for customers of Data SIM for Visitors service

If you have an LTE device, Vodafone has already covered almost the whole country by fast mobile internet at frequency of 900 MHz. For a map of current coverage, please visit the Turbo Internet website

Vodafone has a special service for you – if you have any question before heading to the Czech Republic, please call +420 776 975 324. English speaking operators will do everything to help you. 

The terms and conditions can be found here

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