Slovanský dům: A gourmet oasis in the center of Prague

This historic shopping center is a hidden destination in the heart of Old Town.

Julie O'Shea

Written by Julie O'Shea Published on 02.06.2023 17:00:00 (updated on 02.06.2023) Reading time: 4 minutes

Slovanský dům, the imposing classicist palace along Na příkopě street, has been a landmark fixture in central Prague since it was first erected toward the end of the 17th century – serving the needs of knights, noble lords, and artisans over the years.  

The building gained traction as a popular gathering spot for social and political gatherings following World War II. Today, with its labyrinthine hallways and carefully renovated neo-baroque courtyard, Slovanský dům provides a flourishing mix of shopping, entertainment, and dining options to tourists and locals alike. 

With summer fast approaching, the palace complex offers a refreshing respite from Prague’s notorious heat waves. In addition to housing some of the city’s most renowned restaurants and retail brands, Slovanský dům’s pristinely kept garden is truly one of the best places to cool down and relax in the bustling city center. 

Shaded by centuries-old plane trees and other fine embellishments – including a striking metal sculpture titled “Subtile” by the Czech-Argentine artist Federico Díaz, which resembles a shimmering bird’s nest – you’ll be able to enjoy an ice-cold beverage (or gelato) in relative solitude. Despite its location, this lovely oasis has still managed to remain one of Old Town’s delightful hidden gems – at least for now.

But why stop with a mid-morning latte? You could easily spend a whole day soaking in Slovanský dům: Starting with breakfast, lunch, and dinner reservations.   

The restaurants

Slovanský dům offers seven restaurants under one roof, many of which offer both indoor and outdoor seating. The all-you-can menu at Brasileiro Slovanský dům, part of the Ambiente chain, is arguably one of its biggest draws. Guests can enjoy sampling charcoal-grilled meats, Brazilian sushi, fish, and salad. The meat, circulating around the room by the restaurant’s well-heeled wait staff, is cut to order right off the skewer at your table. 

Other popular dining options include the Italian cuisine at the award-winning Kogo. The menu includes homemade pasta, fresh seafood, Tuscan steaks and salads. A smart, cozy atmosphere makes an ideal setting for business lunches as well as romantic dinners. 

BAŠU focuses on dishes from China’s Sichuan province. Dishes include Beijing duck, stewed beef, and mapo tofu. BAŠU Hotpot, meanwhile, aims to add a bit more flare to your lunch or dinner experience. There you are seated at a special table and served a pot of boiling water, allowing you to cook whatever you please from the menu – whether it be seafood, meat slices, or fresh veggies.

Grab breakfast over at Crystal Gardens, which transforms into a fully stocked cocktail bar later in the day, where you can order a tasty dessert, several types of pelmeni, hookahs, and your favorite adult beverage.   

Dhaba Beas is part of a network of vegetarian and vegan self-service restaurants, offering traditional Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, and Czech cuisine. The spot is a favorite with Slovanský dům office workers looking for a quick lunch-hour fix.   

Wine lovers aren’t going to want to miss a tasting at Advivum, which boasts selected reds and whites from France, Italy, Spain, and Moravia. Rounding off the list, Puro Gelato has been a well-received recent addition to the palace gardens. In true Italian fashion, the gelato here is delivered fresh each day, making a second (or third) serving hard to say “no” to.     

The shopping

The retail list at Slovanský dům is quite wide-ranging. Well-known brands like Weekend Max Mara, Wolford, Baldinini, American Vintage (their only boutique in Prague) and Nike are paired alongside charming boutiques like Nairi Flowers, which sells interior design items, home decorations, and, of course, quality flowers, and premium chocolatier Steiner & Kovarik, where you can pick up excellent freeze-dried strawberries. 

Last fall, a new fashion boutique was added to the mix. Billed as Prague's first Ukrainian concept store, ÓDYAH offers clothing from more than a dozen Ukrainian fashion brands and designers. 

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the beginning of last year, millions of refugees fled their home country. An estimated 400,000 ended up in the Czech Republic, with many of them opening shops, restaurants, and other small businesses.  

The entertainment

Cinema City operates 10 screening halls here, making Slovanský dům one of the prime locations to catch a movie in the city center. 

For a special treat, check out Slovanský dům’s impressive Empire Hall. Offering more than 1,600 sqm of space, the Art Deco-style hall hosts jazz concerts, gala dinners, business conferences, weddings, and other social events.

Don’t miss touring the underground service tunnels that run beneath Slovanský dům and Prague’s Old Town. The tunnels lead to the palace’s shopping arcade and will provide you with a unique perspective of the Czech capital.   

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